Sunday, September 07, 2008

blueberries, blackberries and plums ... oh my!

We have returned to Portland from Fresno, but not before getting in one more play date with Nolan (or as Mom and Susan keep calling us Nowen). We finally made it to the park for some fun together. I'm glad there are a few kids to hang out with in Fresno, though really I have a blast with all of the grown-ups. In fact, I keep mentioning to Mom that we should go to Fresno again this weekend. We also managed to squeeze in one more piece of cake... for Grandma Terri's Birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA TERRI! Actually on Monday she took me shopping for some awesome fall clothes, and was so patient with me even though I was in a bit of a mood, and that evening we had a nice dinner and got to have some nice birthday wishes. I again had my very best travel behavior working for us for the trip. I like sitting by the window in the plane and was very well behaved in the car, bus and train! Most impressively, I had almost no accidents in my pull-up pants on either travel day! I am getting very good at using the potty (though we still have a ways to go) .

It was a little tough getting back into school this week, though I was glad to see my friends again. Friday was back home with Mom, so we went to Harmony and Sophias and painted on cool things like wood, homemade paper, some roofing then played a lot with Sophia's toys and in her tent. Saturday Mom and Dad dragged me to another U-pick (mom just loves them). Our last few excursions to farms I was a little cranky/sick, but I had a blast this time. There was a cute black lab that kept us company, as well as lots of farm equipment and open spaces for me to run. We came home with a load of blueberries, blackberries, plums, peaches, peppers, cucumbers, and eggplants!! We also got to see some of their animals, including a goat, some piggies, chickens and a horse, but really I thought their loader was the coolest. After a quick nap, we headed over to Joaquin Val and Ray's house for an end of summer cookout, playtime, ping-pong, play pool swimand to wish Val a happy birthday! Oh, and Daddy got his 10 year pin from the Smithsonian! That night mom and dad spent most of their evening making and caning jam... we are stocked up for winter!
Today, Daddy took off fishing again so after making a morning batch of blueberry muffins from our saturday bounty, Mom and I headed over to Mt Tabor park for a morning workout on the play equipment there. It was a pretty nice set up with loads of kids. It's not exactly walking distance, but if we feel like a short drive we will definitely be heading back soon. The merry-go-round sold it for me. That afternoon I spent with Andy, Linda and Matt at the Muddy Boot festival (an organic/sustainable/music/food affair). We had a nice afternoon noshing on some snacks and seeing all of the cool things there were to offer. We all then headed back to my house for a light dinner that included our own tomatoes and a botched batch of cheese (I think that Dad and Mom made mozzarella and ricotta simultaneously... it tastes okay but has a really weird consistency). It was fun to spend the afternoon with these guys, it had been a while since we had seen them and Andy is getting so big so fast! We don't like to miss out on our friends growing up!

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