Sunday, September 14, 2008

I hope you saw the moon!

[UPDATED: Daddy figured out some way to recover deleted photos, so here are a few.]
I found this cute ladybird beetle (I love'em!) on my shoe, and after chatting for a bit, gave her a new home on our basil plant :)

Mom's computer is freezing up consistantly, so we will simply condense the events of this week down to a list-o-fun...

.5 Oh Yeah... first thing first! Talulah laid her first egg! Now we have some beautiful blue ones to our toasty brown egg stash. We are so proud of her... finally!

1. Friday... Stamping art at Sophia's!
2. Saturday... Dim Sum with Robyn, Dan, Alice, Val, Ray and Joaquin... yum and thank goodness for those crab tanks... very amusing
and then some fun time outside in the parking lot... the kids are happier when free to roam!
3. Then we spent the afternoon making pickles and freezing beans from our CSA , I was also a bit cranky... turns out I had a touch of something that gave me a fever, but it was gone by morning.

4. Sunday... Busy day, but lots of fun, went to "My Mountain" aka "Mountain Hood" and spent the morning at trilium lake, where Mountain Hood is beautifully reflected, and the baby trout were biting and I caught my second fish ever! A 5" little rainbow trout, beautiful... we let him go. I also played in the water and had a beautiful day outside. Then we headed over to the mirror lake trail. Although we didn't quite make it to the lake, we did pick a few handfuls of huckleberries enroute. Yum!5. ... and that evening... We met up with Joaquin Val and Ray at the Chapman Elementary School, to see the Vaux swifts... a swarm of swifts ... thousands of them come and roost in the chimney of the school. It was quite the sight. As well as the rising of a full autumnal moon! We shared dinner, tea and mooncakes with our friends and a few hundred other Portlanders.

Oh, sounds like Dad is able to recover some of the pictures. I'll just tack 'em on as we recover them! Thanks for your patience :) We also found an oldie but goodie, look at that cute baby :)

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