Sunday, September 21, 2008

Where are we going?

The beach? THE BEACH!!! I LIKE THE BEACH!!!!!!!
Yep, that pretty much recaps the conversation for the two hour trip we took to the beach this weekend... really it's just my monologue with mom interjecting "where do you think we're going?"

Earlier this week, the folks were impressed by my imagination. It's pretty typical for me to crawl into their bed first thing in the morning, nap a bit before getting up for good. Anyhow, one morning this week, I jumped out of the bed and jumped right back in saying "Ack! The monkey is chasing me!" and another morning I jumped out and crawled around on the floor around their bed saying "I'm swimming! I"m Swimming!!" Anyhow I keep coming up with new things that surprise the folks.... like putting a tomato from the garden in my truck and telling Mom that I was taking it to the big city to make ketchup!
But hey... let's get to the important stuff here! The folks have tagged team a cold all week, which hs been a pity because it was a bit of a last gasp for summer here. Thursday we enjoyed another pretty sunset and dinner on the deck. Daddy and I hung around while Mom recuperated on Friday. He left in the afternoon to "set up camp" and be ready for his fishing derby the next day. Saturday, Mom and I got up and headed over towards the beach where we underwent the above conversation several hundred times. It became kind of a mantra and a way to keep myself from napping! Anyhow when we FINALLY arrived at the beach (oh beach how I have missed you), I set right down to digging a deep deep hole. Scooter dug one too! I think he misses the beach nearly as much as I do. I also made a few sandcastles! After nearly reaching China, then jumping on in the hole and burrying my legs, I was finally convinced to go for a little walk. Daddy and I enjoyed watching the clouds, Haystack rock, the waves, surfers, etc... and best of all getting our feet (and pants) all wet! Nothing like playing in the sand when you're all wet! After a fun day at the beach, and a snack at the pelican brewery, we go to hang out at a campfire, which I found mesmerizing. Tents are the best, I loved sleeping in one and after a busy day, crashed out quickly. Lucky thing I was soo tired, because it rained last night and the water creeped in just a bit. We headed home early Sunday morning, just in time to meet with John! We had a great brunch with him at Bridges. I love spending time with him when he comes through Portland. Otherwise, just had a nice afternoon, played outside between sprinkles and went for a nice walk... Happy Fall!!

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