Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fishing, Pumpkins and Fun

Lot's of fun this week. It all started Monday when Dad had the day off work for Columbus Day. Mom had some work to do so Dad took me fishing at a local lake. We had a lot of fun and I caught a few little perch.

Later in the week we did some yard work including pulling out the bamboo plants from the back yard. We even used a shovel that was just my size. I love digging!

Thursday was Open House at school. Mom and Dad came and we all got to play with my teachers Miss Tina and Mr. Joe. It was lot's of fun and I got to show off my art projects.

That brings us to this weekend. Wow, we did a bunch. First we headed off to Hood River to find a pumpkin patch and found a great one. Lot's of pumpkings, giant sun flowers and views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams.

I even found a little white pumpkin. Dad calls it a gourd, but I still say it's really a lil'pumpkin.

Here's Mom and me with one of the really big sun flowers.

It turns out that this pumpkin patch is at the farm were we got the apples a few weeks ago so of course we had to get another big box of apples. They're really good, I wish I could give you one.

Just down the road from the pumpkin patch farm is a chestnut farm called "Nutquakers". They have chestnut trees all over and a pond full of ducks. Mom bought some chestnuts and I helped the farmer girl look for some chestnuts out by the car. Aren't chestnuts weird looking?

Fall is fun! I love playing in the leaves.

Dad busted out the scooter. No not my dog Scooter, it's a skateboard like thingy with handlebars. We rode it down the sidewalk a couple times.

Just when I thought we couldn't have any more fun we made ice cream out on the deck. Evidently making ice cream involves rolling a big heavy ball of ice around. Who knew? I do know however that it was tasty when we were finished.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chestnuts Apples and Salmon

We've had a fun-filled weekend after a kinda rainy week. We've picked up some Chestnuts from Lisa's tree... they're pretty fun, though Mom hasn't exactly figured out how to peel them well yet, but she did make a great preserve out of them. Yesterday we headed to the Home Orchard Society's apple show.... it was pretty awesome given my great love of apples :) I walked right in, took a whole apple of the sample table and was pretty happy for the rest of the morning. After tasting a ton of apples and asking too many questions, mom finally settled on a honeycrisp to replace the bamboo in our backyard. Now to get the darned bamboo out... Cat, Chris and Benjamin joined us and helped us decide. It was really a tough choice, there were tons of varieties available!

That afternoon was a chill one at home. Mostly just hanging out in the backyard, checking out the fish that Daddy caught, fishing a little on my own (look at that amazing windsock fish I caught!) and making Grandma Terri's Green Chicken Enchiladas. We got a ton of awesome tomatillos from our CSA and this is the perfect recipe for tomatillos. Today we headed to the Salmon Festival at Oxbow park. I got to hang out with T. Chris and Cat again! It was the perfect sort of event... just the right number of people, lots of things to see in the tent...lots of games for me to play and prizes to win. Then a nice trail walk to see the salmon swimming and spawning in the river. Mom and I got to borrow these groovy "salmon viewing" (polarized) glasses so we could see through the water better. You could see the redds and the fish pretty well. I got to do some fish printing, a native american dance and touch a bunch of dead salmon. Really, pretty awesome (and slimy). Oh and a quick horsey ride! At the end of the day, I also tried on some neat animal costumes and went fishin for a whale! I figured out the zipper and nearly deflated the big guy... I took it as a successful "fishing" trip ("I got the whale!!")

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Baby Elephant

This Monday we had a special visit from Cousin Jason who was in town for the day. Not only did we get to enjoy a nice lunch at Pok Pok, but he played and played with me all afternoon, made me laugh SOOOO hard and took us for a spin in the convertible from the rental agency. Woo Hoo! That sure was fun, considering it was nearly the last sunny day of the week. I was complemented this week at daycare for being so pleasant and fun lately. My imagination is in overdrive, and I spend lots of time pretend making coffee, fishing, cooking, riding in boats and playing in my "house" (= a big cardboard box). I've also been playing with my polaroid camera that Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom are sharing with me. I've taken some pretty great pictures so far... we'll try to get a few in here sometime so you can see my work. The film is pretty old so they look vintage. Saturday we headed to the farmer's market for the first time in a few weeks. We've had so many veggies from our CSA that it's been a little much to add from the market. However, we went mostly for fun, and just enjoyed the crowd, got some apples, beautiful flowers and ate some tasty little cookies from two tarts. I had fun running around with a little kid who I met there. In the afternoon, Daddy and I met up with Val, Ray, Joaquin, Linda, Matt, and Andy at the Greek Festival. Oh my do they like their desserts sweet.... so do I!!! By the time Mom joined us (she had to keep an eye on Scooter who managed to eat a chocolate bar... again!!) I was pretty jazzed on the sugar and the crowd. We had a nice time though, eating all sorts of amazingly yummy buttery foods. Sunday, Dad and I made taro pancakes (mix) before he took off to try to fish.... yum! I ate them all day long. Later Joaquin and Val came over and we played at home for a bit so I could finish eating (and the grown-ups could caffinate in preparation for our outing). Then we headed over to the zoo! It was a touch drizzly, but we had a nice time nonetheless. The highlight was probably seeing the new baby elephant (after hunting over the whole zoo for

it!!) He was pretty darned cute. But I also liked driving the tractor and seeing the sealions. Then after a fun afternoon with Joaquin and Val, we met up (again!! :) with Andy, Linda and Matt for dinner at a yummy restaurant called Old Wives' Tale, they knew just what to make me... broccoli, peas and carrots and gave me things to color! Everyone was quite pleased with their food, and Mom was especially happy with the BLT and soup! Pshew!! I sure do love weekends where I get to see my friends!