Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fishing, Pumpkins and Fun

Lot's of fun this week. It all started Monday when Dad had the day off work for Columbus Day. Mom had some work to do so Dad took me fishing at a local lake. We had a lot of fun and I caught a few little perch.

Later in the week we did some yard work including pulling out the bamboo plants from the back yard. We even used a shovel that was just my size. I love digging!

Thursday was Open House at school. Mom and Dad came and we all got to play with my teachers Miss Tina and Mr. Joe. It was lot's of fun and I got to show off my art projects.

That brings us to this weekend. Wow, we did a bunch. First we headed off to Hood River to find a pumpkin patch and found a great one. Lot's of pumpkings, giant sun flowers and views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams.

I even found a little white pumpkin. Dad calls it a gourd, but I still say it's really a lil'pumpkin.

Here's Mom and me with one of the really big sun flowers.

It turns out that this pumpkin patch is at the farm were we got the apples a few weeks ago so of course we had to get another big box of apples. They're really good, I wish I could give you one.

Just down the road from the pumpkin patch farm is a chestnut farm called "Nutquakers". They have chestnut trees all over and a pond full of ducks. Mom bought some chestnuts and I helped the farmer girl look for some chestnuts out by the car. Aren't chestnuts weird looking?

Fall is fun! I love playing in the leaves.

Dad busted out the scooter. No not my dog Scooter, it's a skateboard like thingy with handlebars. We rode it down the sidewalk a couple times.

Just when I thought we couldn't have any more fun we made ice cream out on the deck. Evidently making ice cream involves rolling a big heavy ball of ice around. Who knew? I do know however that it was tasty when we were finished.

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