Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been a fun week of friends and food galore! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all spent some quality time with friends or family. I am grateful for all of my loved ones... and for pie!
On Monday, I went to Bob's Red Mill with Mom, Sophia and Harmony. We had a yummy breakfast, admired a water wheel, and shopped around for a big ol' bag of flour. Mmmm bread! We had a pretty short week at daycare, mostly filled with turkey talk and some outside time since the sun has been peeking through the clouds periodically.
Joaquin came over while his folks went out to a basketball game on Wednesday. We had a great time playing with the truck and reading stories with Daddy. We even went to bed together relatively well... well, actually Joaquin was really good, I was a rolly polly bed tornado, so ended up swapping places with Joaquin... he got my bed, I slept on the sleeping bag.
For Thanksgiving, Mom and I spent the morning baking... pumpkin cake, apple pie and some amaretti cookies. I was a really good helper, and was particularly adept at the mixer. Alas no pictures, in spite of my cute towel apron and mixer skills, when the camera came out I got ornery. Anyhow, we headed over to Joaquin, Val and Ray's for Thanksgiving Dinner with Robyn, Dan, Alice, Stacy, Lillia, and Joaquin's Grandfolks! We had a great evening. Joaquin had all sorts of crafts and toys out to play with... and the food and company were wonderful! I ate tons, particularly the salmon and the cornbread stuffing! It was also Dan's birthday, so in addition to some more traditional desserts we all got treated to a great malty cake by Robyn for Dan's birthday. Soooo yummy. Joaquin, Alice and I got along so well, and played really nicely together... all of the grown-ups were impressed, but of course we all get along!Friday Mom tried to go to work for a little bit, she got what she needed to done before the gult of leaving me in a rather empty daycare in the morning overcame her and we got to take off right after nap time. It was a fun afternoon playing in the yard. This weekend, we spent the morning back at Bob's Red Mill... Mom left the camera case and battery there on Monday, so we headed back to pick it up, and... you guessed it... more pancakes! After eating our fill, we headed out to the Mount Hood Tree farm and picked up our Christmas tree! I actually wanted the tiny one in front of me, but we decided to let it get bigger... maybe later (next year!) and ended up with the one behind me. This one was definitely ready to come home with us! In fact is practically lept on top of me after Daddy cut it down... the wet branches got my head all wet! Today Dad got it inside and the lights on. We'll decorate it in full soon... pictures next week :) Mom went to yoga and a few craft shows (Dad and I waved off after the craziness of the crafty wonderland last year!). I have been playing loads of leggos, chatting a ton. In particular when shopping, I find about every third thing in the store and ask if "I can take this home?", and when denied... fairly diplomatically inquire "Maybe later" with an affirmitive shake of the head... I'm an optimist. My cutest new thing is to play Kitty and curl up in Mommy's lap and meow while she cuddles and scratches my ears.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pool Time

Monday Mom and I headed to Corvallis to visit with Caden and Cascade. Corvallis is a pretty nice town! On our way to lunch at an awesome pizza joint, some fire trucks stopped and a firefighter hopped out of a BIG RED FIRE TRUCK and gave us some junior fire fighter badges.
SWEET! Overall we had a great day, fun running around OSU (which was a lovely campus)
and had some good times at the park.
There was a real train engine that we could play on!
I also learned how to fly on my swings.
We ended our fun adventure with a trip to a bakery where Caden and I noshed on some orange cookies (he had a football, I had a leaf).
On our way out Caden and I played on the bike racks (always one of my favorite things to do outside of ... well, anywhere).
On Friday we had an early Thanksgiving dinner at school. Mom and Dad came by along with a lot of the other kid's parents. There were so many people there for lunch that they actually ran out of Turkey and we ended up having chicken instead. The lunch was good, but for dessert we had pumpkin pie.. yum. I've been reminded that we'll probably have more of this soon during real Thanksgiving.

We we got home from work/school on Friday we got a call from Caden's parents. Seems that they were coming back from the airport in Portland when they found out that Caden's Grandpa was sent to the Portland hospital with a broken leg. In order for them to see Caden's Grandpa the next day they stayed over at our house instead of driving all the way back to Corvallis first. I'm glad they did becuase I got to play with my buddy Caden again.

Saturday stared out well. Our neighbor Lisa gave me a huge lego set from a toy swap which means I can now build giant towers.
Later in the morning we had to run off to the doctor's office for my flu shot. I thought everything was fine until I heard the other kids scream about their shots. I don't remember the shot itself, but the whole thing was difficult. We then walked over to Ken's Artian Bakery for a nice treat to get my mind off things.... I got a "PINK ONE!!" (Big Strawberry flavored Macaroon)
I've been spending a lot of time at the pool lately. Twice a week I have swimming lessons with Daddy and when Joaquin invited me to go swimming this Saturday
I jumped at the chance to show off my skills to Mom and everyone else. We headed over to the pool after the treat at the bakery and it really made the day better. It was a lot of fun and unlike swimming lessons I got to go on the big water slide.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yo BOB! and WELCOME Lili!!

Well, we're getting settled back in at home. I've had a pretty good week, getting back into daycare was thankfully smooth. Mom and Dad also think I've gotten a little wild, I think they use the word "contrary" a lot. However, when I'm well rested and well fed I am a happy happy guy... spending what time I can literally running around in circles and jumping up and down! Saturday, while Dad was trying to get some chum, Mom and I had a great day. We first headed to the Farmer's Market where we indulged in some yummy two tart cookies and some wood fired bagel dogs. To really top of a fun and busy market morning, we were entertained by a guy who was playing the bagpipes while on a unicycle!!! Very impressive, though we forgot to take pictures (mostly just in awe). After we were all full Mom took me to the Children's Museum which was extra special because there is a "Bob the Builder" exhibit. I am a HUGE Bob the builder fan. We had a blast climbing on all of the trucks, playing with gigantic lincoln logs, and with all of the cool exhibits. My favorite was a water pump, where I was really good at carting the buckets of the "water" and filling up the pump. Anyhow, I also spent some time in the rest of the museum, but kept heading back to see Bob... very exciting.
Today was totally mellow. I hung out with Dad in the morning while Mom went to Yoga with Val (for the first time in ages!). We just ran around the yard for most of the day, and attempted some clean-up in the garage.

I also have some exciting news. My good friend James has a new baby sister! On Wednesday, Lili Margaret Kimbro was born. Welcome Home Lili... I hope we get to meet you someday soon! you can link to James's and Lili's Blog on the left there to see some cutie pie new baby and happy brother pictures.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Happy Halloween in New York

Believe it or not, I still haven't caught up on reporting about my vacation back east. After visiting family in Michigan and friends in Vermont we headed over to Upstate New York to visit more family.

The first thing I did was to take Grandpa fishing. He doesn't have a kayak so we took Grandpa's big boat out instead.

Grandpa's big boat is so much faster than Dad's kayak. I really think Dad needs to get one of these, we spend a lot of time in the kayak paddling and not fishing. Anyway, the fishing was pretty good and I managed to catch the first and biggest fish of the day.

Later that day after a post-fishing nap we headed over to the farm stand to pick out a pumpkin.

The farm stand even had a cool pirate ship to play on and I ran around on it yelling good pirate sayings like "shiver me timbers".

Finally, after picking out the perfect pumpkin we set out on my very first trick or treating adventure.

It took me a little while to figure things out, but as far as I can tell you dress up and people give you candy. Not a bad deal. Now if only Mom and Dad would let me eat all the Candy.

The next morning Mom and Dad took me to Dad's old elementary school to play and burn off some of that Halloween sugar.

Dad said that the playground was nothing like he remembered. That's too bad because I thought it was pretty fun.

On Sunday we had an early Thanksgiving dinner with my Grandparents, my Aunt Tami and Uncle Eddie, my Great-aunt JoAnn and Great-uncle Rich and my Great-grandma Steves.

I ate a lot, but more importantly Dad showed me a neat trick with olives.

We even had pumpkin pie for dessert. Yum.

On Monday we went wine tasting. I should point out that wine tasting when your not even three yet does not actually involve a lot of wine, but the adults seemed to enjoy it. Most of the time I kept Grandma busy outside while everyone else tasted the wine inside. I guess the wine tasting must have been good because Mom and Dad didn't take a lot of photos. But here's one of me with Dad and Grandma.

The next day we flew home. What a long trip, but it was so nice to see everybody.

This week has been kind of quiet. Mom went to Canada for a scientific meeting and I hung out with Dad at home. It has been rainy so a lot of that time has been spent playing legos. Although.. I did managed to get to the zoo today for a couple hours.