Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This has been a fun week of friends and food galore! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all spent some quality time with friends or family. I am grateful for all of my loved ones... and for pie!
On Monday, I went to Bob's Red Mill with Mom, Sophia and Harmony. We had a yummy breakfast, admired a water wheel, and shopped around for a big ol' bag of flour. Mmmm bread! We had a pretty short week at daycare, mostly filled with turkey talk and some outside time since the sun has been peeking through the clouds periodically.
Joaquin came over while his folks went out to a basketball game on Wednesday. We had a great time playing with the truck and reading stories with Daddy. We even went to bed together relatively well... well, actually Joaquin was really good, I was a rolly polly bed tornado, so ended up swapping places with Joaquin... he got my bed, I slept on the sleeping bag.
For Thanksgiving, Mom and I spent the morning baking... pumpkin cake, apple pie and some amaretti cookies. I was a really good helper, and was particularly adept at the mixer. Alas no pictures, in spite of my cute towel apron and mixer skills, when the camera came out I got ornery. Anyhow, we headed over to Joaquin, Val and Ray's for Thanksgiving Dinner with Robyn, Dan, Alice, Stacy, Lillia, and Joaquin's Grandfolks! We had a great evening. Joaquin had all sorts of crafts and toys out to play with... and the food and company were wonderful! I ate tons, particularly the salmon and the cornbread stuffing! It was also Dan's birthday, so in addition to some more traditional desserts we all got treated to a great malty cake by Robyn for Dan's birthday. Soooo yummy. Joaquin, Alice and I got along so well, and played really nicely together... all of the grown-ups were impressed, but of course we all get along!Friday Mom tried to go to work for a little bit, she got what she needed to done before the gult of leaving me in a rather empty daycare in the morning overcame her and we got to take off right after nap time. It was a fun afternoon playing in the yard. This weekend, we spent the morning back at Bob's Red Mill... Mom left the camera case and battery there on Monday, so we headed back to pick it up, and... you guessed it... more pancakes! After eating our fill, we headed out to the Mount Hood Tree farm and picked up our Christmas tree! I actually wanted the tiny one in front of me, but we decided to let it get bigger... maybe later (next year!) and ended up with the one behind me. This one was definitely ready to come home with us! In fact is practically lept on top of me after Daddy cut it down... the wet branches got my head all wet! Today Dad got it inside and the lights on. We'll decorate it in full soon... pictures next week :) Mom went to yoga and a few craft shows (Dad and I waved off after the craziness of the crafty wonderland last year!). I have been playing loads of leggos, chatting a ton. In particular when shopping, I find about every third thing in the store and ask if "I can take this home?", and when denied... fairly diplomatically inquire "Maybe later" with an affirmitive shake of the head... I'm an optimist. My cutest new thing is to play Kitty and curl up in Mommy's lap and meow while she cuddles and scratches my ears.

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