Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pool Time

Monday Mom and I headed to Corvallis to visit with Caden and Cascade. Corvallis is a pretty nice town! On our way to lunch at an awesome pizza joint, some fire trucks stopped and a firefighter hopped out of a BIG RED FIRE TRUCK and gave us some junior fire fighter badges.
SWEET! Overall we had a great day, fun running around OSU (which was a lovely campus)
and had some good times at the park.
There was a real train engine that we could play on!
I also learned how to fly on my swings.
We ended our fun adventure with a trip to a bakery where Caden and I noshed on some orange cookies (he had a football, I had a leaf).
On our way out Caden and I played on the bike racks (always one of my favorite things to do outside of ... well, anywhere).
On Friday we had an early Thanksgiving dinner at school. Mom and Dad came by along with a lot of the other kid's parents. There were so many people there for lunch that they actually ran out of Turkey and we ended up having chicken instead. The lunch was good, but for dessert we had pumpkin pie.. yum. I've been reminded that we'll probably have more of this soon during real Thanksgiving.

We we got home from work/school on Friday we got a call from Caden's parents. Seems that they were coming back from the airport in Portland when they found out that Caden's Grandpa was sent to the Portland hospital with a broken leg. In order for them to see Caden's Grandpa the next day they stayed over at our house instead of driving all the way back to Corvallis first. I'm glad they did becuase I got to play with my buddy Caden again.

Saturday stared out well. Our neighbor Lisa gave me a huge lego set from a toy swap which means I can now build giant towers.
Later in the morning we had to run off to the doctor's office for my flu shot. I thought everything was fine until I heard the other kids scream about their shots. I don't remember the shot itself, but the whole thing was difficult. We then walked over to Ken's Artian Bakery for a nice treat to get my mind off things.... I got a "PINK ONE!!" (Big Strawberry flavored Macaroon)
I've been spending a lot of time at the pool lately. Twice a week I have swimming lessons with Daddy and when Joaquin invited me to go swimming this Saturday
I jumped at the chance to show off my skills to Mom and everyone else. We headed over to the pool after the treat at the bakery and it really made the day better. It was a lot of fun and unlike swimming lessons I got to go on the big water slide.

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