Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Well, for leg two of our tour of fun, we left Michigan and headed to Vermont to visit Jeff, Diane, and Benjamin! After an inexplicably long and bumpy plane trip, we arrived fairly late. I spent a bit of time playing with all of Benjamin's and headed to bed. However, the late hour didn't stop the grown ups from staying up late to chat. We had a fun leisurely morning before heading out to do a cool loop through the mountains in the area. We started off with a stop at the best gas station food ever... which we enjoyed as a cozy lunch in the car (it was raining!). Afterwords we went to the cold hollow Cider Mill for some fresh pressed apple cider... yum! I made bit of a mess with the dispenser... it was just so exciting! We also saw the Cabot creamery and did a bit of wine tasting (well, the adults of course). Dinner was a lovely spaghetti delight and playing on Jeff!

The next day, we woke up to SNOW! Lots and lots of snow. It was awesome! I was so excited I gave it my surprise face, then immediately was worried about Scooter and the Chickens. After being reassured that all was well, I got dressed and headed out with Daddy, Jeff and Benjamin! We stomped around for a while before we decided to head into Burlington for breakfast. We ate a yummy breakfast, then headed over to ECHO, the aquarium, which was perfect and pretty darned cool. I think Benjamin and my favorite was the kid play area with the sailboat and Champ the sea monster. However, I did really enjoy playing with the river set-up, and even got to participate in turtle presentation! We had a great time! There was a cool bodies in motion exhibit, I really liked the spinning exhibit. Totally wore us out... Benjamin (or as I managed to call him for most of the weekend .... Joaquin... I tried really hard to get it right!) and I dozed in the car with Auntie Diane while the rest of the gang went in for some beer tasting at the Magic Hat, the local brewery. We headed home and went with Jeff to do his chores... I got to ride a tractor and watch Uncle Jeff feed the sheep, and even rescue a poor stuck ram. Sheep sure do make a much rougher sound than you would expect! Daddy and I spent some more time in the Snow... We then enjoyed a super great dinner of porkchops, steak, cider, wine.. so much yummy food! Benjamin and I took our baths and got ready for bed, but not before playing some music with the Dads! After Benjamin and I headed to bed, The adults had a bit of fun with Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. I'm surprised we slept through their rockin party.On our last morning we started with one last romp in the snow, that included a snow man! I had to show Benjamin how to put one together, though we had a disagreement about a shovel.We went back into Burlington, and on the way saw them setting up an awesome jack-o-lantern display near the Haddocks home. When we got into town we grabbed a quick lunch and spent some energy walking around the promenade. Auntie Diane got us a few Balloons which really saved the day when we started to get a little cranky. We had soooo much fun playing with our friends, I even managed to start getting Benjamin's name right! Lots of wonderful play time, and lots of catching up with the folks. We had a blast ... Thanks! I finally headed off, but was a little grouchy since I missed my nap and couldn't sleep on the plane.... we busted out the DVD player G'ma Terri loaned us. It made the trip much more bearable... thank you Grandma!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
Love your blog. I missed you the last two weeks. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Jeff, Diane and Benjamin. It looks like they are doing well.
Betty Smith

Jen said...

What a bunch of little cutie-pies!! Love the photos!

It sounds like you guys had a blast on your excursion to Vermont. :)