Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yo BOB! and WELCOME Lili!!

Well, we're getting settled back in at home. I've had a pretty good week, getting back into daycare was thankfully smooth. Mom and Dad also think I've gotten a little wild, I think they use the word "contrary" a lot. However, when I'm well rested and well fed I am a happy happy guy... spending what time I can literally running around in circles and jumping up and down! Saturday, while Dad was trying to get some chum, Mom and I had a great day. We first headed to the Farmer's Market where we indulged in some yummy two tart cookies and some wood fired bagel dogs. To really top of a fun and busy market morning, we were entertained by a guy who was playing the bagpipes while on a unicycle!!! Very impressive, though we forgot to take pictures (mostly just in awe). After we were all full Mom took me to the Children's Museum which was extra special because there is a "Bob the Builder" exhibit. I am a HUGE Bob the builder fan. We had a blast climbing on all of the trucks, playing with gigantic lincoln logs, and with all of the cool exhibits. My favorite was a water pump, where I was really good at carting the buckets of the "water" and filling up the pump. Anyhow, I also spent some time in the rest of the museum, but kept heading back to see Bob... very exciting.
Today was totally mellow. I hung out with Dad in the morning while Mom went to Yoga with Val (for the first time in ages!). We just ran around the yard for most of the day, and attempted some clean-up in the garage.

I also have some exciting news. My good friend James has a new baby sister! On Wednesday, Lili Margaret Kimbro was born. Welcome Home Lili... I hope we get to meet you someday soon! you can link to James's and Lili's Blog on the left there to see some cutie pie new baby and happy brother pictures.

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