Sunday, December 14, 2008

Celebrate.... Snow!

Have I mentioned that it turned cold? Well it has really really turned cold.... and snowy! This weekend has been spent around cookies, celebrations and snow! Saturday we hit the last Farmer's Market that we will be able to enjoy this season... so long farmers, cookie bakers, musicians, chefs... see you in the spring! It was actually pretty rainy and cruddy out, but Mom was determined, alas between the rain, umbrella and me, the camera didn't come out. Anyhow, the folks made cookies during my nap, then we headed over to Dr. and Mrs Sytsma's home for the lab Holiday Party. Something weird about "Dr. Mark's" and his house that brings out the wild child in me. I made myself immediately at home with lots of dancing, monster noises and music! We had a great time, ate good munchies, opened presents for a "Yankee Trade". I"m pretty happy with the glass fish mobile that Daddy ended up with. Dr. Mark even read us from his biomedical text book! After a good night's sleep, we woke up this morning to only the barest dusting of snow. Sometime between getting out of bed and eating breakfast a big snow storm came in and it has been snowing and freezing ever since. On the plus side... it's beautiful!!!! We got to spend a cosy day at home making (MORE!) cookies. I got to help more this time. Dad and I were in charge of cutting out and decorating while Mom baked and wrapped presents. We did a great job! I hope the neighbors like them :). We had a nice day trying to tuck in the Chickens as warmly as possible, with spurts of snow play, and lots of fun inside....including playing popcorn on the bubblewrap!

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