Sunday, December 07, 2008


We've decorated the tree! It's beautiful. I got to put our angel on the very top and decorated the lower bit myself! It looks nice with all of the decorations and lights on it and smells wonderful. I love the Christmas season... and am getting pretty excited about the stories that we've been reading and about Santa and his eight ... goats. Yep, I'm convinced that the reindeer are actually goats and talk all about rudolph the red nosed... goat. At least we got a picture as proof of his existence. This Thursday I came home to a special treat... a box of christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa Steves and a box of treats from cousin Carolyn! I am particularly fond of the chocolate Santa that the folks give me a little piece of every night if I finish my dinner. Jim is back in town! I love hanging out with him, and he is the best at playing (for hours and hours) leggos. I'll do just about anything as long as Jim will too. On Saturday, we headed to the Farmers Market again. The piles and piles of mushrooms were too tempting, we got a bunch to make some risotto tonight. I got a few treats... cookies, biscuits, apple cider, and this week Mom got me a balloon monkey! He was so cute, though didn't stay on my arm like he was supposed to. After a good morning outside, the grown-ups tag teamed errands while I napped. That evening we headed over to the zoo for Zoo Lights with Alice, Robyn, Dan, Joaquin, Val and Ray.... a seriously impressive light display (and crowd!). Once we finally made it inside, we had a great evening watching all of the light displays and seeing some of the animals at night. My favorite remains the baby elephant... In addition to the great lights, we also enjoyed some hot apple cider and vanilla cake (Thanks Carolyn!). Today, Mom and I hung out while Jim and Dad went fishing. We had a nice day visiting with Joaquin and Val in the morning, taking Scooter for a short walk and and heading to the coffee shop (one of my favorite and specially requested destination) after finally getting ourselves out of the house. I had a good nap and pretty much played leggos all evening long. Man I'm lovin' these leggos!

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