Sunday, January 11, 2009

Full Circle

This was a long long week... filled with fun, friends, family and a few tears. We did get off to a fantastic start... my BIRTHDAY! I am now THREE! I am so ready for this new year in my life, I have perfected holding up three fingers (that's not quite as easy as it looks), I am really pretty chatty these days and I have grown almost 4" since my second birthday. We started the morning with some presents, Mom and Dad got me a new fishing pole, and I also was rolling in sporting gear (football, baseball glove, basketball set) awesome sheets, a new jacket, new books, new movies, all sorts of awesome goodies! I had to be peeled away to head off to school. For afternoon snack the folks came by with some mini-cupcakes from St. Cupcake. YUMMY! I got a purple crown and everyone ate and sang Happy Birthday... It was so nice and made me very happy. I got to leave a little early, so we could get ready for my birthday party at home! When I got home, I watched my friend James sing Happy Birthday and play the guitar for me... he was so good! I watched probably a dozen times in a row (you can see it too if you connect from the sidebar). We had sort-of an impromptu (read... quickly planned and poorly photographed for that matter, by the parents) get-together with the families of Sophia, Joaquin, Benjamin, Andy and Alice... which pleasantly turned out to be a nice crowd of around 15 guests. We enjoyed some Chinese take-out and some pumpkin cake (with a feeble tealight for a candle... just couldn't find our stash of birthday candles!). Everything was yummy and everyone was so much fun. We had a lovely evening of kiddo play-time and grown-up chats.

On Thursday we headed back to Fresno (via TWO planes, as I love to tell you) to celebrate the life and mourn the loss of Great-Grandpa Jerry. Everything was really lovely. Everyone who spoke really captured the life and spirit of Great-Grandpa... his smile, his love of family.... I really caught onto his interest in fishing. In fact, after the pastor made several parallels between fishing and life, I asked... "Is Great-Grandpa going fishing?" I was very good during the wake and pretty darned good during the funeral (in spite of my hunt for food...). We bade farewell to Great-Grandpa. It was a pretty intense couple of days, but so filled of love and family that you can't help but know that Great-Grandpa is smiling is famous smile. Just before heading back to Portland, I got to meet Great-Aunt Gigi's new puppy! He doesn't have a name quite yet, but he sure does have a good personality and is pretty darned cute to boot! He was super cuddly, soft, and sweet. It was a wonderful way to end the visit. We finally made it back to Portland, I went to bed late, and we're just having a quiet day taking care of business around the house, chatting on the phone with Grandma and Grandpa Steves from my hedgehog hole (Pillow fort). I hope you are all well. This week was a reminder of how much love, support and strength my family and friends share with me, with us, and I am grateful.

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