Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy

I think we can call it the weekend of Joaquin! I think I got to see him Fri-Sat-Sun! Or maybe the week of Joaquin. We also had a play date on Monday while Val came over to practice our t-shirt stencils for Sunday. Joaquin and I colored and we all had a yummy breakfast of homemade english muffins and blueberry muffins (my fav!). Scooter, however, was a bit naughty and ate all of the leftovers (which were lots) the next day.... well, I guess he deserved to celebrate Inaguration day too. I am quite good at picking our new president out of the news. Friday Mom and I spent the morning with Sophia and Harmony and more friends making rainbows in bags... colored gelatin in ziplocks that mixed to make awesome colors and squishy fun. That afternoon, Mom and I just played at home (She trid to get me excited to go out, but I was set on playing at home). (We'll get the pictures rotated soon as I figure out what our picture software is up to) That night Joaquin came over to play while his folks went on a date! We had a great time, played lots, ate almond butter and jelly sandwiches (my new favorite), and worked on our musical skills. Joaquin sat steadily instead of laying down to go to sleep even though he was sooo tired, he couldn't be swayed for a long time, in spite of my best efforts. Eventually we all finally settled down for the night. I love it when he cames over to play.

Saturday was again pretty quiet. We started the morning with blueberry muffins (Mom felt bad when I mistook "english muffins" for my much more favored "blueberry muffins" and was so dissappointed when I saw the flatter blander breakfast treat). We ran around and did some errands, I'm excited to add a few more blueberry bushes and a huckleberry bush to the front yard soon! That evening, it was Mom and Dad's turn to go out on a date... so I played with Joaquin, Val and Ray all evening while they went out for some great Indian food at Vindaloo. It was a treat for everyone.

Today we started celebrating early for Chinese New Year... Happy year of the Ox! We spent the morning getting ready (well, playing dragons and getting ready)... making Nein Gao (New Year Cake... which I love, and ended up eating way to much of), and Jai. We brought it all over to ... you guessed it ... Joaquin, Ray and Val's house for a PARTY! We had fun celebrating with so many people and loads of kiddos... Andy, Alice, Benjamin, Dimitri... and their folks and a bunch of other friends! We had quite a feast and lots of playing. We even made some awesome year of the ox t-shirts! Blessings and best wishes in the new year everyone!
As far as getting this year off to a great start... I've been doing so well with the potty... I would typically be concerned about publishing about poop, but I'm certainly proud enough to announce to the whole party... but I've pooped in the potty... No stinky diapers for a few days now! We're pretty excited!

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