Sunday, January 04, 2009

Only you.....

In an effort to figure out who gets to do what around here... my newest retort when asked not to do something is... only you Mommy/Daddy? For example... "Owen, don't put the marble in your mouth!" ... reply... "Only you Daddy?" It is useful for everything!
Well, Happy New Year! We had an East-coast New Year Celebration at Val and Joaquin's house. It was slightly pirate themed ARRRR! We had a lovely celebration with Val, Joaquin, Vanessa, Dave, Ian, Christina, Alice, Robyn and Dan.Saturday started with a nice star-studded pancake breakfast! Then we headed to the Zoo with Cat Chris and Benjamin. It was a great day for all of the cold-loving critters. The polar bear in particular was swimming all around and playing with his ball. It was super cool to see a BIG bear get all prepped to LEAP into the water!Today was a swim day! We had fun in the pool with Benjamin, Joaquin and their parents.

Spoiler alert...
The largest of my many awesome Christmas gifts arrived today. Auntie Donna, John and Jenna got me a .... you guessed it... a backhoe! Seriously! It is awesome and drives around and can dig and haul woodchips! So much fun. I see many hours ahead on this bad-boy. I already informed Mom that I used it to clean up all of the cat poop in our front yard (favorite haunt of the neighborhood kitty posse). Imagine the possibilities!

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