Sunday, January 18, 2009


Seems like we're settling back into things in Portland. There are always small things that keep us on our toes... like my storm damaged classroom (had to head to another school for the week while repairs were underway... they had awesome "new" toys for us to play with), and crazy big wind blowing today. After a week of commuting, but all in all having a good time, I was ready to hang out with Mommy on Friday... seems like it has been a while since we had a day together like this. Had a great time. We made Sock puppets at Sophia and Harmony's house. I took a great nap then when I woke up all perky, we went out to Tart, a frozen custard/yogurt place for a yummy treat and a walk around Division in the sunshine. In fact, Mom didn't get to go inside any of the alluring shops, because I kept insisting "Walk in the SUNSHINE!!". Saturday was pretty awesome. After a particularly dense batch of pancakes for breakfast (I loved them), we headed to the beach! Super fun dude. It was a perfect sunny calm day (James, don't laugh at the puffy jacket at the beach... you remember Pacific beach time! It's pretty, but chilly still!). I set to work digging holes, making sand castles with Dad, and playing with sticks and the sand. After a wonderful few hours playing in the sand, walking along the shore, and generally enjoying running around outside we grabbed some fish-n-chips for lunch and some clams to bring home for dinner. Had a nice walk around the town of Cannon beach and headed home for a great dinner of clam linguine. Turns out I really like clams! Today was much mellower, In fact, I pretty much hung out at home while Mom went to Yoga and Dad in the afternoon went looking at fishing stores and to get lunch with a buddy. We cleaned up the yard a little and the house a bit too. Mostly just chilled and settled back in... it was nice.

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