Sunday, February 22, 2009

sunshine and rain

Well, the sun and warmth peeked out for a few days towards the end of the week. On Friday, Mom and I started our day with doing art and playtime a Sophia's, then spent the rest of the afternoon grabbing an icecream (We're hooked on Tart) and working in the garden, trying out Auntie Gigi's straw/soil layering system. Forgot how attractive that would look to the chickens. it looks a lot more like straw than soil now. Sigh.
Saturday was a fun day, we had a "Soup Swap" at Laura's house. I had a great time playing in her backyard with her pup Bowser, and some new friends.... as well as some old friends! Alice was there too, lookin' mighty cute in her sweater. We came with one type of soup (Dad made his Thai Sweet Potato Crab Soup) and came home with SIX! Yum, we tried the delish Chicken noodle today.
Sunday sure kept us hoppin'. Dad and I headed over to Cat, Chris and Benjamin's house for DINOSAUR PUMPKIN PANCAKES! When we met up again with Mom (after Yoga), I was so excited about them I could hardly get the words out. We had a great time eating and playing. Our awesome breakfast was followed by some pool time... essential serious play time since the weather turned grey and drizzly. I LOVE swimming and kept insisting (mostly futilly) for Mom, Dad, Chris, whoever was holding onto me in the deeper end to "Drop Me!" A bit bold eh? Of course... the slide, though Mom was having a dickens of a time getting a shot. I gave her loads of opportunities. We finally got Benjamin to try the slide too and he's hooked! I am also getting better at floating on my back thanks to swim lessons. Dad and I took a long nap in the afternoon, and I was still pretty tired and crashed right away after dinner.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm bigger than this squid....
Happy Valentine's Day folks! I hope you all had a great day filled with love, kisses and um... scones! Why?
That's what we had for breakfast... yummy fresh scones with whipped cream and homemade jam. So tasty! Why?

'cause it's Valentine's day... that's why!

Why do I keep asking why? According to the folks, it's my most current and eye-rolling worthy stage. Sometimes I just pop out with Why? When nothing is going on... that's more philosophical though. Mostly it's useful as punctuation for other people's sentences... and it gets folks to just keep on talk to me. Mom says it was cute at first... well, I think it still is, seems I can stretch this stage out for a while.


Why not!
Well, other than scones, it was a pretty quiet Valentines. I made Mom and Dad some cool cards in school, we had a good breakfast, the folks gave me the above cute chicken valentine, some cute socks and a neat backhoe cup. We then headed over to Costco to replace some of Dad's pants, and spent most of the afternoon being homebodies. We played lots of leggos and read "Hug Time" a super cute book from Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom. My new dog got a lot of play time too... You can't tell from the still picture, but he plays the guitar, dances and his ears flip up and down... all to the tune of "I Feel Good!". I love it, it gets played a dozen times a day! I've developed a cough so the folks are hesitant to take me anywhere too exciting. However, thank goodness Cat, Chris and Tbug called and dragged us out of the house. We went for a great hike around Oaks Bottom, it was a nice evening and there were even a few birds out and about. Cat's really good at figuring out who they all are. We finished up our hike with some fun time at the playground. In fact we stayed a little late and it got dark on us. When we finally parted ways Mom and Dad got around to dinner. Mom has been hankering for some seafood so Daddy fried us up some calamari. So yummy! For a fella for whom each bite is a fight these days at dinner time, I ate up the squid... the tentacles were my favorite. I think it was because of my "I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean" book. The Squid was the biggest thing in my tummy!

Today was mellow again, I think the folks are just trying to get me over the cough (so they can sleep better at night!). Other than playing at home, we headed out for a movie at the Kennedy School. It was so much fun... I am really good at watching movies. I had an arm wrapped around my popcorn and steadily fed myself the good stuff through the whole thing. Then put the bucket on my head... then on my foot... Luckily it's a theater that is sort of geared to families so no one blinked at my antics. We saw Bolt again, I thought it was so good that the second we stepped out of the theater, I asked to see it again (though fair warning for my younger friends, you may want to be sitting on Dad's lap for the beginning, it's action packed). It was Mom and Dad's first time, and they liked it too.
Otherwise, this week swim lessons started up again. This time it's me, three girls and the teacher. Daddy doesn't have to get in the water and I get the opportunity to try and escape from the teacher! Okay I only did that once... otherwise I"ve been practicing my floating, monkey crawl on the wall, and my kicks! I l-o-v-e it!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Well, it's offically. I have finally kicked the diaper habit. It went pretty smoothly overall. It's nearly two weeks now and no diapers. Sweet! My pants look a lot cooler without my puffy diaper buns, and I can run loads faster. Woo Hoo!

Otherwise, it's been pretty quiet around here. Saturday, Dad and I went fishing while Mom did some work. It was a beautiful day! Alas, no fish, but otherwise, we had a great time casting and reeling in as well as a nice walk around the lake.

Sunday, Dad had to work the Sportman Show for the Invasive Species booth. Mom and I headed over to the park and the new Urban Farm Store to stock up on some feed. The park was awesome, if it wasn't so darned cold we would have stayed much longer, but my hands got so cold. Otherwise, we just ran errands and grabbed some frozen yogurt at Tart (so good, though I don't like the oreos on my icecream. I'm such a purist).

I hope you all are well!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hi there Noah...

I have been remiss in my well wishes for baby Noah Stone Jackson, who joined us here on earth last Wednesday, 28 January! Welcome buddy! Noah has been busier than any baby I know since his birthday and could use all the good vibes, prayers and well-wishes y'all can spare. I've added his link over to the left there, so you can check in on him, we do all the time. We borrowed the beautiful picture from their blog.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Visitor's from Fresno

My Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom came to visit me this weekend.  Well actually Grandpa Tom came to Portland to go to a dental convention, but I still got to see them quite a bit.

On Friday I went to the zoo with Mom and Grandma.    It was pretty cold and foggy at the zoo, but some of the animals didn't seem to care.

After the zoo, we had lunch at Kenny and Zuke's in downtown Portland.  I had the best hotdog ever and surprised Mom by eating it all, all by myself.

Later that evening we met up with Dad and Grandpa for a very nice dinner at Higgin's.  Dad was really looking forward to trying something called "The Whole Hog Plate", but evidently it's a seasonal dish.   Everything everyone orderd was really good.   I know because I had a little something from everyone's plate.

On Saturday morning, Grandpa had more conference to attend and Grandma and Mom went shopping in the city.  I stayed home with Dad to help him run some errands like going to the seafood market for some fresh crab.  That night, Grandma and Grandpa came over and we had Dad's special Singapore Chili Crab and I ate a pincher.

I was really nice to see Grandma and Grandpa, I think Grandpa needs more dental conferences in Portland.