Sunday, February 08, 2009


Well, it's offically. I have finally kicked the diaper habit. It went pretty smoothly overall. It's nearly two weeks now and no diapers. Sweet! My pants look a lot cooler without my puffy diaper buns, and I can run loads faster. Woo Hoo!

Otherwise, it's been pretty quiet around here. Saturday, Dad and I went fishing while Mom did some work. It was a beautiful day! Alas, no fish, but otherwise, we had a great time casting and reeling in as well as a nice walk around the lake.

Sunday, Dad had to work the Sportman Show for the Invasive Species booth. Mom and I headed over to the park and the new Urban Farm Store to stock up on some feed. The park was awesome, if it wasn't so darned cold we would have stayed much longer, but my hands got so cold. Otherwise, we just ran errands and grabbed some frozen yogurt at Tart (so good, though I don't like the oreos on my icecream. I'm such a purist).

I hope you all are well!

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