Sunday, February 22, 2009

sunshine and rain

Well, the sun and warmth peeked out for a few days towards the end of the week. On Friday, Mom and I started our day with doing art and playtime a Sophia's, then spent the rest of the afternoon grabbing an icecream (We're hooked on Tart) and working in the garden, trying out Auntie Gigi's straw/soil layering system. Forgot how attractive that would look to the chickens. it looks a lot more like straw than soil now. Sigh.
Saturday was a fun day, we had a "Soup Swap" at Laura's house. I had a great time playing in her backyard with her pup Bowser, and some new friends.... as well as some old friends! Alice was there too, lookin' mighty cute in her sweater. We came with one type of soup (Dad made his Thai Sweet Potato Crab Soup) and came home with SIX! Yum, we tried the delish Chicken noodle today.
Sunday sure kept us hoppin'. Dad and I headed over to Cat, Chris and Benjamin's house for DINOSAUR PUMPKIN PANCAKES! When we met up again with Mom (after Yoga), I was so excited about them I could hardly get the words out. We had a great time eating and playing. Our awesome breakfast was followed by some pool time... essential serious play time since the weather turned grey and drizzly. I LOVE swimming and kept insisting (mostly futilly) for Mom, Dad, Chris, whoever was holding onto me in the deeper end to "Drop Me!" A bit bold eh? Of course... the slide, though Mom was having a dickens of a time getting a shot. I gave her loads of opportunities. We finally got Benjamin to try the slide too and he's hooked! I am also getting better at floating on my back thanks to swim lessons. Dad and I took a long nap in the afternoon, and I was still pretty tired and crashed right away after dinner.

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