Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Joaquin

This weekend we celebrated Joaquin's birthday! My good pal turned 2! We had a nice bagel birthday bash, with loads of yummy breakfast food, but much more importantly, lots of fun play time with good friends. The curious George jack-in-the-box was a particularly big hit, as well as all of the toys and fun folks to enjoy them with. I got a cool Dinosaur tattoo, though scrubbed it off mostly tonight in the bath in an effort to get really clean (and to show Mom I was mad at her...). In addition to all of the play and fun, we also decorated t-shirts with awesome bike and bird freezer paper stencils that Val cut out. I now have two cool new shirts as mementos of a great day. I had a pretty solid nap while Mom went to a book signing (Button it Up by Susan Beal) with Robyn at Bolt, man Mom likes that store, but it limits my patience so it was nice she had Robyn to go with. Otherwise, today, it was all playtime in the morning with Dad, and running errands in the afternoon with Dad. Maybe my highlight was getting to see Dad's fishing buddy Wally, he's a cool guy, plus his name is a homonym for Wall-E, which seals it for me:) We've had some rain but typically lovely afternoons, so have had a fair bit of out side time cleaning up the yard, or digging holes (me).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

California Sun

"Hi! ..... How are ya?.... What's your last name?" This is how I have been starting my conversations with folks. Seems I just can't remember folks' last name, and need to be constantly reminded.
We took the long drive down to California this week, and was able to spend loads of time with family and friends! On our way down, we stopped at Mom and Dad's favorite Mexican joint... La Favorita Taqueria in Sacramento. Mom got a BIG seafood cocktail, under the peer pressure of all of the people in the taqueria that had a huge margarita glass of goodness in front of them when we walked in. We met up with our good pals Jim, Levi, Naoaki and Ashley. It was so good to see them! We arrived safe and sound that evening, and had some good running around time with Uncle Ryan, Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom. The next morning we headed to Tulare to spend some time with Great-Grandma Mary, Great-Uncles Steve, Andy and Geary, G'Auntie Jun, Eric and Sara! We had a fun brunch at Apple Annies, and Grandma Terri and Great-Grandma had cane races out of the restaurant. Grandma gave G'Grandma some tips for a stable walk. I also enjoyed Great-Grandma's huge living room and back-yard for lots of running running running. I napped a bit in the car on the way home and after a bit, Susan and Nolan came over for some good play time. I like playing with Nolan, we had fun with play-doh and some outside time with trucks! I visited briefly with the VanVolkinburgs and then we had a great dinner with Auntie Donna, Uncle John and Jenna! It was great... I got hot-dogs, which remain a favorite (and Grandma Terri always remembers!). Pshew! I had sooo much fun visiting with everyone. It was AWESOME! Monday was a bit quieter. There was a good morning of playing in the SUNSHINE! It was great! I even got to pick an orange and lemon from Grandpa's trees out front. For Lunch we met up with Auntie Becky and Auntie Susan for lunch and we all got to meet baby Noah! I think he got a little bit-o-lovin'. I helped him open a present and even though he was playing at sleeping, I think he liked it okay, I made sure it stayed within reach for him! Mom, Dad and Uncle Ry got to go out to the movies for the evening and I was really good for Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom. Sunday was spent outside... almost all day long! We spent the afternoon at Woodward park, where I got to test out my climbing skills on the climbing wall. I was doing soooo good. I made it to the top several times. We spent the rest of the time on the rest of the play equiptment, running with Uncle Ryan in the fields and looking at the ducks and geese. I even found an egg! We stopped for a snack then headed home to prep for Grandpa Tom's birthday dinner! Well, most of the time I played outside with Uncle Ryan, digging a hole, a deep, perfect hole. After Grandpa came home we played tennis, though I thought it was a little tough. I was finally coaxed inside to help decorate Grandpa's cake. It was beautiful, and yummy! I think Grandpa had a nice dinner and we all enjoyed everything!We had a super great trip, thanks everyone! Our drive home wasn't too eventful, we had a good stop at the Olive Pit, but I slept so much we only made a few quick stops, so got home in good time!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have completed another swim level ... GOLDFISH! Check out that back float, pretty awesome. I have had a great time with my teacher and swim friends (the Snowys). We learned to dive for rings and drive around and kick kick kick. I have been a pretty darned good listener and am really really good at dunking and getting my head wet.I finished off my great swim week with a super fun Friday. We had an unusually sunny day to play with Mom. Sophia and her brand-new baby sister are still laying low, though we will get together soon I hope! Mom and I headed over to the Zoo (after I had asked almost daily this week if we could go to the Zoo). It was a gorgeous day to visit with the animals. They are doing some construction on their new predator exhibit and new primate enclosures, so there were lots of detours, but regardless, lots of critters were out enjoying the sunshine. All except my favorite, the giraffe, which was inside noshing away on her hay... so we still got to visit. We got to see both crocodiles out, which I hadn't seen before, and the baby elephant was playing... still soo cute! I got loads of time to run on the grass, play with sticks and on the monkey bars. I love these monkey bars. A girl (a lady as I called her) helped me reach the next bar and was so helpful. I thought these were extremely cool. Well, the fun continued that afternoon. Dad took off a little bit early and grabbed his kayak and grabbed me and we headed up to Henry Hagg lake for some afternoon/evening paddling! This is my "Mista Cool" look. I love going fishing with daddy! We had a great time.
Saturday we enjoyed our morning with my pals Joaquin and Benjamin (T) at Bob's Red Mill. It was a little crazy, Saturdays are busy days and we were a little wild. Food was as usual yummy, pancakes rock! We even saw Bob (the guy on the bag!.. red jacket, cap, beard!) Joaquin and I took some time outside watching the water wheel and PUDDLE STOMPING! I showed Joaquin how it was done... the dude is a natural! The rest of the afternoon Mommy graded papers and Daddy and I had some leggomania time. We met up with Joaquin and Val for a little before dinner frozen yogurt(I'm a pretty lucky kid) before enjoying some more of that steelhead Daddy caught a last week. Today seemed pretty mellow, I had Daddy time in the morning while Mommy went to yoga (or Loga, as I call it), and then we swapped, and Daddy went to a paddling clinic while Mom and I played at home, had a good nap and went grocery shopping for dinner. Tonight Val and Joaquin came over. To celebrate the "sun breaks" we've been having, we enjoyed our summer bounty and had a tomato-chickpea stew (our canned tomatoes) and some strawberry shortcake. I'm stuffed, Mommy's stuffed, we ate loads! Joaquin and I, of course had a great time playing, watching a movie and eating. He's a good pal.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hippy hippy shake

Well, I've looked at the x-rays, and I think Grandma Terri's hip replacement has gone well. From the sound of things on the phone, she's doing really well, and we're so happy. Keep on truckin' Grandma! It's been a good weekend... it all went uphill after Mom's feeble attempt at a haircut. She wouldn't even take a picture of it she was so horrified. We staked out my normal hairdresser next to Fubon, but they never opened on Friday. Well, we put a hat on it and decided to deal and went to the Audubon with Cat and Benjamin. It was a good treat, they don't usually have Friday to play. We had a great time, saw all sorts of awesome birds... a kestrel, a spotted and a horned owl, peregrine falcon... they were so cool. We also got to enjoy a great, if not slightly muddy walk through the greening park. I had a great time hunting for salamanders with Cat, but it's perhaps a little early for them just yet. Mom and I got home and took a long long nap. Saturday was mostly dedicated to running errands. Dad finally got my hair fixed up, and we went to the library while Mom ran around the rest of town, checking things off our to-do list. We picked up our apple tree today (a honeycrisp) and planted it in the corner of our yard. I'm so excited for "my baby tree!". It was a productive day. Today was pretty great as well. I got to see my favorite baby ANDY! Linda, Matt, Andy, Mom, Dad and I all went to the Children's museum. It had been a few months for me and I still love it! It was fun showing Andy all of the Bob the Builder exhibit. I spent most of the rest of the time going through this tunnel, but did have a great time in the water exhibit too! Mostly, it was great for everyone to catch up for a little bit. It had been a long time since we got together! This afternoon, was spent fortifying our garden against the Chickens. It's not the most stylish outfit, but it'll do until the fence is replaced and we consider a more premanent solution.
Happy March friends! I think I'm going to like this month. Green, sunshine, longer evenings, warm days... but still plenty of puddles and mud to enjoy.

I've developed a bit of an attitude these days. Mom and Dad (and I) are working hard on stopping the back talk. It started a few weeks ago, when Mom was explaining that I could either behave at the dinner table or sit out in the chair in the living room. I was livid, pulled out the waving index finger and shrilly explained to them that "That is not my choice!... that is your choice! I NOT sit out, YOU sit out!" Mom and Dad thought they had surpressed their stunned hilarity, but I saw them... now I pull it out whenever I am looking to get a reaction. I've decided it's not "talking back" if I don't have my finger out, as I have explained a few times. Mom keeps saying something about "tone" I don't get "tone".