Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have completed another swim level ... GOLDFISH! Check out that back float, pretty awesome. I have had a great time with my teacher and swim friends (the Snowys). We learned to dive for rings and drive around and kick kick kick. I have been a pretty darned good listener and am really really good at dunking and getting my head wet.I finished off my great swim week with a super fun Friday. We had an unusually sunny day to play with Mom. Sophia and her brand-new baby sister are still laying low, though we will get together soon I hope! Mom and I headed over to the Zoo (after I had asked almost daily this week if we could go to the Zoo). It was a gorgeous day to visit with the animals. They are doing some construction on their new predator exhibit and new primate enclosures, so there were lots of detours, but regardless, lots of critters were out enjoying the sunshine. All except my favorite, the giraffe, which was inside noshing away on her hay... so we still got to visit. We got to see both crocodiles out, which I hadn't seen before, and the baby elephant was playing... still soo cute! I got loads of time to run on the grass, play with sticks and on the monkey bars. I love these monkey bars. A girl (a lady as I called her) helped me reach the next bar and was so helpful. I thought these were extremely cool. Well, the fun continued that afternoon. Dad took off a little bit early and grabbed his kayak and grabbed me and we headed up to Henry Hagg lake for some afternoon/evening paddling! This is my "Mista Cool" look. I love going fishing with daddy! We had a great time.
Saturday we enjoyed our morning with my pals Joaquin and Benjamin (T) at Bob's Red Mill. It was a little crazy, Saturdays are busy days and we were a little wild. Food was as usual yummy, pancakes rock! We even saw Bob (the guy on the bag!.. red jacket, cap, beard!) Joaquin and I took some time outside watching the water wheel and PUDDLE STOMPING! I showed Joaquin how it was done... the dude is a natural! The rest of the afternoon Mommy graded papers and Daddy and I had some leggomania time. We met up with Joaquin and Val for a little before dinner frozen yogurt(I'm a pretty lucky kid) before enjoying some more of that steelhead Daddy caught a last week. Today seemed pretty mellow, I had Daddy time in the morning while Mommy went to yoga (or Loga, as I call it), and then we swapped, and Daddy went to a paddling clinic while Mom and I played at home, had a good nap and went grocery shopping for dinner. Tonight Val and Joaquin came over. To celebrate the "sun breaks" we've been having, we enjoyed our summer bounty and had a tomato-chickpea stew (our canned tomatoes) and some strawberry shortcake. I'm stuffed, Mommy's stuffed, we ate loads! Joaquin and I, of course had a great time playing, watching a movie and eating. He's a good pal.

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