Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Joaquin

This weekend we celebrated Joaquin's birthday! My good pal turned 2! We had a nice bagel birthday bash, with loads of yummy breakfast food, but much more importantly, lots of fun play time with good friends. The curious George jack-in-the-box was a particularly big hit, as well as all of the toys and fun folks to enjoy them with. I got a cool Dinosaur tattoo, though scrubbed it off mostly tonight in the bath in an effort to get really clean (and to show Mom I was mad at her...). In addition to all of the play and fun, we also decorated t-shirts with awesome bike and bird freezer paper stencils that Val cut out. I now have two cool new shirts as mementos of a great day. I had a pretty solid nap while Mom went to a book signing (Button it Up by Susan Beal) with Robyn at Bolt, man Mom likes that store, but it limits my patience so it was nice she had Robyn to go with. Otherwise, today, it was all playtime in the morning with Dad, and running errands in the afternoon with Dad. Maybe my highlight was getting to see Dad's fishing buddy Wally, he's a cool guy, plus his name is a homonym for Wall-E, which seals it for me:) We've had some rain but typically lovely afternoons, so have had a fair bit of out side time cleaning up the yard, or digging holes (me).

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