Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hippy hippy shake

Well, I've looked at the x-rays, and I think Grandma Terri's hip replacement has gone well. From the sound of things on the phone, she's doing really well, and we're so happy. Keep on truckin' Grandma! It's been a good weekend... it all went uphill after Mom's feeble attempt at a haircut. She wouldn't even take a picture of it she was so horrified. We staked out my normal hairdresser next to Fubon, but they never opened on Friday. Well, we put a hat on it and decided to deal and went to the Audubon with Cat and Benjamin. It was a good treat, they don't usually have Friday to play. We had a great time, saw all sorts of awesome birds... a kestrel, a spotted and a horned owl, peregrine falcon... they were so cool. We also got to enjoy a great, if not slightly muddy walk through the greening park. I had a great time hunting for salamanders with Cat, but it's perhaps a little early for them just yet. Mom and I got home and took a long long nap. Saturday was mostly dedicated to running errands. Dad finally got my hair fixed up, and we went to the library while Mom ran around the rest of town, checking things off our to-do list. We picked up our apple tree today (a honeycrisp) and planted it in the corner of our yard. I'm so excited for "my baby tree!". It was a productive day. Today was pretty great as well. I got to see my favorite baby ANDY! Linda, Matt, Andy, Mom, Dad and I all went to the Children's museum. It had been a few months for me and I still love it! It was fun showing Andy all of the Bob the Builder exhibit. I spent most of the rest of the time going through this tunnel, but did have a great time in the water exhibit too! Mostly, it was great for everyone to catch up for a little bit. It had been a long time since we got together! This afternoon, was spent fortifying our garden against the Chickens. It's not the most stylish outfit, but it'll do until the fence is replaced and we consider a more premanent solution.
Happy March friends! I think I'm going to like this month. Green, sunshine, longer evenings, warm days... but still plenty of puddles and mud to enjoy.

I've developed a bit of an attitude these days. Mom and Dad (and I) are working hard on stopping the back talk. It started a few weeks ago, when Mom was explaining that I could either behave at the dinner table or sit out in the chair in the living room. I was livid, pulled out the waving index finger and shrilly explained to them that "That is not my choice!... that is your choice! I NOT sit out, YOU sit out!" Mom and Dad thought they had surpressed their stunned hilarity, but I saw them... now I pull it out whenever I am looking to get a reaction. I've decided it's not "talking back" if I don't have my finger out, as I have explained a few times. Mom keeps saying something about "tone" I don't get "tone".

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