Sunday, March 01, 2009

Splish splash

Yep, you guessed it... I did a bit more swimming this week. I'm turning into a real fish... love going underwater and can hold my breath for about 5 seconds! We are having a great time in swim class, and I got to go again on Saturday with Joaquin and his folks. This time we got Joaquin to go down the slide too... and guess what... he also loved it! Actually to back up a bit... in spite of the lack of pictures, we have had some nice quality time with Joaquin, Val and Ray this weekend. They met us at Tart for some yummy icecream and good hanging out time. It has been a few weeks since I've seen Joaquin. Then they joined us for breakfast where Dad made my favorite Grandpa's Pancakes, and we had some homemade English muffins and eggs... yum (Joaquin's blog has some pictures :) Anyhow, breakfast was followed by swimming and after a nice long nap, I helped Mom plant some peas in the garden. We've fenced it off from the Chickens so maybe they'll make it this year. Today was also pretty fun. I woke Daddy up nice and early to remind him that he was going fishing... he took off at about 4:30, while Mommy and I slept in. We enjoyed a nice breakfast at Skavone's with Cat, Chris, and Benjamin, Joquin and Val. Afterwards Val drove Joaquin, Mom and me to the Yard, Garden and Patio show at the Convention Center. Wow... they put on a pretty amazing show... it was beautiful inside, with chicken coops, beautiful gardens and Mom's favorite was an amazing green roof gazebo with a stone couch and polished rock rug... there were water features, simulated rain, all sorts of seed and plant help.. We had a nice time. Had a quiet evening, just relaxing, taking a crazy long nap, and helping Mom with dinner. Dad came home with a big steelhead! Yay Dad! We enjoyed some if it for dinner and it was delish.

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