Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fishing, sliding, spinning, and rolling

Not a lot of photos this week. I think Mom and Dad might have over done with the camera last week at the tulip festival.

On Friday, Dad took the day off to do some fishing. In the morning he went out after some salmon and as usual didn't catch anything. So, later in the day he took me to a public pond where only kids are allowed to fish. I had a couple good bites, but I didn't manage to set the hook in time after my bobber went down. Oh well, so much for showing Dad how it's done.

After about an hour of fishing we spent some time doing something I'm really good at.. playing.  Luckily the park also had a playground.  I spent a lot of time swining, sliding, and spinning.

Dad even showed my how to run the bases at the parks baseball diamond.  I still don't know why Dad didn't want me to run to the small base on the little hill in the middle.

This weekend, Dad had a kayak festival he had to help out with for his kayak fishing sponsor Ocean Kayak.  Satuday for me and Mom, started out pretty slow.  But in the afternoon we went over to Joaquin's house for a little bit and I got to check out his new sand box.

Afterwards we met up with Dad at Mississippi Pizza for some live music and .. well.. pizza of course.   I'm still not a big pizza fan, but I do like the crusts.

Sunday was a busy day for me.  Mom dropped me off with Dad at his kayak festival so that she could get some work done on her grant proposal.  To my surprise the kayak festival is on a small lake with a real sandy beach.  I spent a lot of time digging and running around on a huge grass yard.     I even got to go paddling with Dad for a little while on his kayak.   We tried fishing, but according to Dad he's doubtful anything worth catching lives in the lake.  At least that's what he kept saying when we didn't catch anything.

I guess it took Dad a while to realize that Mom also left the camera with him when she dropped me off because he didn't bring it out until later in the day.   A few of Dad's friends from his kayak fishing club were there and they have even wore shirts like mine.  Pretty cool, we match!

I even managed to convince one of the women at the consession stand that rolling down the big grassy his was a lot of fun.    I guess I looked like I was having too much fun.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring for real!

Although we still have a few grey days during the week, the sun was really out in force this weekend. Daddy was out of town for the week, which would explain the grey, but Mom and I did great. The week was vastly helped by a few evening excursions; one to see Val, Ray and Joaquin and to enjoy some wonderful lasagna and Joaquin's new sandbox, the other to Laughing Planet to spend some quality time with Cat, Chris and Benjamin. We also had a treat from Grandma Terri, this awesome vest, that I wore the next three days after I got it (it's in the wash now). Forgive the weird expression, I LOVE it! It's perfect for Portland springtime. Even though we had a great week, I was so happy to see Daddy home on Saturday! Actually he snuck in and said goodnight when I woke up late Friday night. This weekend we got to enjoy some really amazing weather, which really meant loads of outside time. We all had a nice family farmer's market morning on Saturday, followed by a few errands, then doing yard work. "Work" for me means digging holes and looking for worms for the chickens. This morning we headed out to the tulip festival. It was a perfect morning, and I think heading out first thing saved us the big crowds we saw as we were leaving. A great day for taking beautiful sunshine and color pictures (as you can tell this week :)! In addition to the flowers, for which I'll admit my patience was fairly limited, but they had all sorts of fun other activities, like playing on a hay tower (probably my favorite), duck races and tire swings. Really, lots of fun for the folks and for me! After a nice afternoon spending more time working in the yard and around the house, we enjoyed a spring kick-off cook-out with Dan, Robyn, Alice, Ray, Val, Joaquin, Cat and Benjamin. Actually in the end it was TOO SUNNY to really stick it out on the deck and we ate inside, but we spent a lot of time feeding the chickens, blowing bubbles and playing with squirters outside before dinner. Afterwards, we played in my room and had a great time playing together. We actually fit 3 of us on a yoga ball... most impressive. It was a blast. You could tell we were adequately tired out when Joaquin Alice and I started "playing" nap time. We're hoping this amazing weather will hold on for a while, but spring is definitely here, the dogwoods are blooming, the flowers are out, beautiful!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppin down the bunny trail!

Happy Easter dearest friends and family!

We have had an eggstra eggy week! On Thursday Val, Joaquin, Alice, Robyn and Dan came over to dye eggs. We had the prettiest eggs ever, enjoyed some burritos and fun company! I love sharing crafts with my friends, plus when we were done we could color and play in my chaotic room! Although the perfect sunny weather only came in patches this week, I spent about as much time outside as I could, mostly digging holes in the yard or watering our plants. Today is Easter! Mom woke me up with some news that the easter bunny has stopped by for a visit. I woke up so excited and spent the morning finding eggs, and enjoying my crown and a chocolate bunny! The whole chocolate bunny, ears first of course!!! We headed over to Robyn, Dan and Alice's house for a yummy brunch, awesome playtime with my pals, and another easter egg hunt! I was the ringer... at first, however the rest of the gang figured out the gig pretty quickly and everyone had a great time finding eggs! I was very helpful and after filling my bucket, made sure that the other kids all had enough eggs too by re-"hiding" most of 'em. We had a lovely day, and it was so wonderful to spend a special day with good friends. The rain even held off until after our hunt!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

One title just doesn't cover it! How about... "It's been a beautiful week!"

Woah, it's been a big beautiful fun and friend-filled week. We started off on a great note with a quick visit from Caden and Cascade. On Monday we met up at Burgerville for dinner and they came home with us and spent the night before they had to head back home. We had a lovely evening with them, including some good bath and book time. Most of the rest of our week was pretty cold and rainy, so that meant a lot of time spent inside, but we have made up for it this glorious weekend. Friday was a great day at home with Mom as the sun finally came out, we actually spent a lot of time in the front yard diggin holes (my current favorite past-time). Wally, Dad's fishing buddy came over that evening for dinner. We really clicked and I had a great time showing him all of my clothes and toys, one at a time in a regular parade throughout the evening. He was so funny and would make me smile and laugh! Saturday started with a sunny, but chilly morning at the Farmer's Market. I am soo glad the market is open again! Mom finally found the strawberry plants she had been looking for, and we met up with Val and Joaquin for a little tour of the market, a cookie treat and dancing with a bluegrass band. After a great morning, we headed up to the Pearl district for lunch at the Deschutes brewery and a bunny-hop, where a lot of shops had treats for kids who hopped on by with an easter basket. I thought the hop was pretty fun, particularly getting loads of stickers and a bit of chocolate! However, with the amazing day warming up, I really had a blast at the park where there was a big, fun water-fountain and some cool sculptures to crawl on. By the time we got home I was too wired to nap, so I helped Dad install a drip sprinkler system in the front yard and helped Mom plant her strawberry plants out. The weather just kept getting better and better. Sunday was a party-day! Two of my dear friends had their 3rd birthday parties to attend! We started in the morning at Sophia's house for her big birthday party. We had a great time playing with her gardening tools in the garden and digging for worms, lots and lots of worms! It had been a month or so, it was nice to see all of my friends from our art group and enjoy some time outside! We then headed over to Jantzen Beach Carousal for Kennedy's party. We got a lot of time on the Carousal, where I got to ride next to Charles and Mitchell, go really really fast, and sing Yankee Doodle and holler Yeee HAW! It was fun to see my school friends out side of the class. My folks thought it was so nice to see all of the other parents and have some time to chat a little bit, plus they thought we were all so cute together. That's a picture of Quincy sharing her gum with all of us, most of us for the first time. That was, count them, TWO princess themed parties in a row! We headed home for a short nap, then dug more holes in the front yard and blowing bubbles. We ended our awesome, beautiful weekend with an impromptu dinner date with Cat, Chris and Benjamin on our Deck. What a perfect day to open the deck back up for the season. I spent most of the evening in my dragon costume. We had some good falafel and great company!