Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fishing, sliding, spinning, and rolling

Not a lot of photos this week. I think Mom and Dad might have over done with the camera last week at the tulip festival.

On Friday, Dad took the day off to do some fishing. In the morning he went out after some salmon and as usual didn't catch anything. So, later in the day he took me to a public pond where only kids are allowed to fish. I had a couple good bites, but I didn't manage to set the hook in time after my bobber went down. Oh well, so much for showing Dad how it's done.

After about an hour of fishing we spent some time doing something I'm really good at.. playing.  Luckily the park also had a playground.  I spent a lot of time swining, sliding, and spinning.

Dad even showed my how to run the bases at the parks baseball diamond.  I still don't know why Dad didn't want me to run to the small base on the little hill in the middle.

This weekend, Dad had a kayak festival he had to help out with for his kayak fishing sponsor Ocean Kayak.  Satuday for me and Mom, started out pretty slow.  But in the afternoon we went over to Joaquin's house for a little bit and I got to check out his new sand box.

Afterwards we met up with Dad at Mississippi Pizza for some live music and .. well.. pizza of course.   I'm still not a big pizza fan, but I do like the crusts.

Sunday was a busy day for me.  Mom dropped me off with Dad at his kayak festival so that she could get some work done on her grant proposal.  To my surprise the kayak festival is on a small lake with a real sandy beach.  I spent a lot of time digging and running around on a huge grass yard.     I even got to go paddling with Dad for a little while on his kayak.   We tried fishing, but according to Dad he's doubtful anything worth catching lives in the lake.  At least that's what he kept saying when we didn't catch anything.

I guess it took Dad a while to realize that Mom also left the camera with him when she dropped me off because he didn't bring it out until later in the day.   A few of Dad's friends from his kayak fishing club were there and they have even wore shirts like mine.  Pretty cool, we match!

I even managed to convince one of the women at the consession stand that rolling down the big grassy his was a lot of fun.    I guess I looked like I was having too much fun.

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