Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppin down the bunny trail!

Happy Easter dearest friends and family!

We have had an eggstra eggy week! On Thursday Val, Joaquin, Alice, Robyn and Dan came over to dye eggs. We had the prettiest eggs ever, enjoyed some burritos and fun company! I love sharing crafts with my friends, plus when we were done we could color and play in my chaotic room! Although the perfect sunny weather only came in patches this week, I spent about as much time outside as I could, mostly digging holes in the yard or watering our plants. Today is Easter! Mom woke me up with some news that the easter bunny has stopped by for a visit. I woke up so excited and spent the morning finding eggs, and enjoying my crown and a chocolate bunny! The whole chocolate bunny, ears first of course!!! We headed over to Robyn, Dan and Alice's house for a yummy brunch, awesome playtime with my pals, and another easter egg hunt! I was the ringer... at first, however the rest of the gang figured out the gig pretty quickly and everyone had a great time finding eggs! I was very helpful and after filling my bucket, made sure that the other kids all had enough eggs too by re-"hiding" most of 'em. We had a lovely day, and it was so wonderful to spend a special day with good friends. The rain even held off until after our hunt!

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