Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friends + Florida + Gators + Beaches = FUN!!!

Holy cow, what an amazing week. To Florida and back, we had a great time and got to see James, Lilly, Randall, David, Coach, Lil and Juila! We traveled all day Thursday and arrived to smiling faces of James and Randall. It was amazing considering it was well after 10pm, both James and I were awake, in good spirits and chatty for the whole ride home. In spite of the late night, we had a bright morning (James much earlier than Mom and me), and we had a blast playing with all of James' toys. The singing bass was a huge hit and it made "everyone in the room laugh!" (that's what I kept telling Mom, that if we were in the room, and the fish was singing then you had to laugh!). We danced, played with race cars, puppets, and musical instruments. After breakfast, Randall, James, Mom and I headed over to Wakulla Springs state park and enjoyed an ice cream followed by an amazing boat tour of the springs... we saw so much wildlife I was amazed! Alligators, turtles, fishes and birds of all sorts, nesting, babies swimming, sunning, flying, foraging. It was a beautiful and fun tour. It was just long enough (okay, maybe five minutes too long for me... I was tired!), the sun was out, folks were playing in the springs, really a lovely morning. We got back to James's house and took a nap and played a bit in their yard and visited with their new chickens before heading out to Cape San Blas where Coach & Lil had us over for the rest of the weekend at their beach house. Once we arrived at the beach-house I spent very little time inside... They have a beautiful screened in porch, complete with a swing that we had to try out then we headed directly out to the bay where we played in the warm beautiful water, found crown conchs, lightening whelks, bivalves and horseshoe crabs! Plus it was so calm and shallow, that it was perfect for belly-flops and splashing around. What a great evening activity. Got back to the house and James and I got our dinner, then I spent much of the rest of the night not allowing a very tired James to sleep, I was too wound up and a little bit off of the local time. We got up the next morning and Coach, Lil and Julia were up at the Big House, so we joined them for breakfast.... PANCAKES!

The morning wasn't complete until we had headed out to the bay one more time, this time David just took James and me out because it was just a little cooler and Mom wimped out. Just as well, we went exploring! When we got back, and hosed off... Lil had a stroke of brilliance and brought out the tub. We spent most of the rest of the morning playing in the tub and then running around on the deck blowing bubbles and chatting with Lilly before heading out to the Raw Bar. What a treat, James and I enjoyed yummy sausage dogs while the grown-ups enjoyed oysters and gumbo! Lilly even joined us at the big table, I loved hanging out with her and was very sweet with that sweet little girl. I managed a quick nap on their beautiful porch before waking up and heading out to the beach! So the Cape, on the side with the beach house is a shallow calm bay that we had been playing in, but just across the street is a great white beach along the gulf coast, with mini-waves, seashells and beautiful sand. We played in the water, the waves took a little bit getting used to for me, but once I did, I had a blast. I liked sitting in the wash zone and getting pushed around by the water... or when David picked us up and jumped with us in the waves that came in. And, of course, digging deep holes in the sand with my trusty shovel.
We headed back to hose off again, play in the tub some more and eat watermelon. We thought these activities were best completed in the buff

because, well, who needed to get their clothes all wet or messy with watermelon... and man were we messy, it was convenient to be able to just hose off after the melee. I couldn't even come close to keeping up with James on the watermelon eating contest. We were finally convinced to put some clothes on and kept right on enjoying our evening. Coach taught me a bit of math, Even Lilly and I got a little bit of quality time together.
James, Lilly and I sat down to a nice kid's dinner. The kimbro kiddos headed to bed, but I remained quite awake, so I just "sat" on the couch while the adults ate their meal... and the term sat really means that I destroyed their couch making forts or as I call them hedgehog holes and creating general, localized mayhem, but at least was mostly quiet while doing so, if not just a bit distracting for Mom. I finally hit the hay after a most wonderful, water-filled fun-filled day. Mom and I headed out on Sunday relativlely early and I was so good the whole long long day home. Mom even got a little bit of reading in while I played with the boy behind us. Dad picked us up and showed off the mostly completed fence that he and Dan have been working hard on this weekend while we were away. Looks good, pictures to come when it's all done :) It was an awesome weekend and I miss my friends. I am so glad we got to spend such wonderful times with everyone in Florida! Love you guys!

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