Sunday, May 03, 2009

Grandma Terri, trams, ultrasounds and clams!

wWhat a fun week. First off it was my last week in my Transition classroom, I"m movin' up to Preschool! Can you believe it? I'll miss my teachers Ms. Kathryn, Mr. Joe and Mr. Jake, but really, they'll still be in the same room, so not far away. I'm looking forward to starting with Ms. Kristin though! I'm sure I'll learn lots. This Thursday, I got a double treat, a party for my last day in transition, and Grandma Terri came by to pick me up! We played around PSU for a little bit before heading home. It is so nice to have her here this weekend. Friday we had a lovely day. Mom, Grandma and I went to the Chinese garden in the morning. It was a beautiful Portland day with nice weather and sunshine! The dogwoods are in full force and the peonys are just starting to pop. The Chinese Garden is beautiful! I was mostly interested in the pond, but there were lots of amazing courtyards, plants, rocks, etc.. We followed up a good morning with some dim-sum nearby. I pretty much only ate JinDui, but Mom seemed to do well. After lunch, we headed over to OHSU for two exciting events. First, we rode the tram for the first time! It was a nice clear day so we could see "My Mountain Hood" ... now most often shortened to "My Mountain" Mt. St. Helens, etc... all quite clearly. Hello Portland! The ride up was pretty sweet, the tram was almost empty and according to me "the biggest tram ever!!" We got off, and this great lady gave me some stickers to commemorate the trip. We got some snacks at the hospital, and enjoyed their rooftop gardens, which were beautiful. We rode back down to get some good pictures of my impending little sister! She even waved at me! I'm pretty excited to be a big brother, and chat with my sister daily. Pshew, it was a pretty exciting day all in all. Saturday also proved to be pretty awesome. We headed to the coast (YAY!!!) The weather was not nearly as nice... in fact it was chilly and rainy with occasional downpours, but heck, the beach is the beach. We stopped for lunch and saw our pals Joaquin, Val, Ray, and Joaquin's Grandfolks who were also visiting! It's so lucky for us to run into our friends everywhere! I was a little cranky, 'cause I had just woken up from my nap, but eventually, french fries and a friendly waiter with lots of tricks warmed me up. Good thing too because we then headed out to Sunset Beach to brave the cold rainy weather. Fortunately, Dad and I were prepared. I had my wetsuit and Dad had his waders. Mom and Grandma drove out on the beach so they could watch, but Dad and I bravely dug and dug and dug for clams. I was just giddy with glee to be back on the beach and digging big holes. Alas no clams, so we stopped on the way home and picked some up so we could enjoy some yummy and anticipated clam chowder. Dad did a great job with a great dinner. Today was perhaps less exciting for me, though pretty exciting for Mom and Dad as we got gear to get my closet organized. Well, after a yummy breakfast out at Toast. I know Mom and Grandma like the container store, but I was only interested in finding the biggest and the smallest boxes in the whole store. After assembling it this afternoon, I napped (miraculously after dealing with Dad drilling into the wall while I was trying). While Mom and Dad went out for a date Grandma and I cleaned up my room and cleaned out my closet (not a lot of pictures today, the store and cleaning out my closet is not really all that photo worthy). It's not quite done but will be great! Okay, off to preschool tomorrow, wish me luck!


James said...

Congratulations on your baby sister, Owen! They are pretty fun and provide lots of laughs. Hope you had a good day at preschool. I can't wait to see you!
Love, James

Rebecca Jackson said...

Congratulations!!! A little girl. We're SO happy for you three.