Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all you Moms and Grandmas and wonderful women out there had a super great day. We have had a fun filled weekend. We had a good combo of giving Mom some time to herself (well, to grade papers) and spending excellent quality time all together. Friday started out with a trip to my favorite coffee shop, but they weren't roasting yet followed by the park where I met some new friends and had a great time running and climbing like a monkey... it's been a few weeks since our last park trip and I missed it! We then went shopping, since Mom realized that my toes were at the very tip of my other shoes, which may explain why I kept asking to be held. I picked the flashiest pair I could find and LOVE them. I'm shocked we don't have a good picture of them this week, but since I am sure they are going to dominate this summer, I am not worried, you can't miss 'em. I can run SOOO fast. We came home, grabbed lunch and I went down for a nap. Daddy came to work from home so Mom could meet a deadline for work, so we got to enjoy some of the sunshine that has decided to peek back out after a rainy grey week. Val, Ray and Joaquin stopped by as we were working in the yard and Joaquin got to try out my tractor. He is a great driver! Saturday, after picking out some bait from the compost pile (one of my favorite backyard activities) Daddy and I headed to Canby pond to go fishing! Success! I caught five awesome trout! We had a great time enjoying a beautiful day. We followed our fishing with some time at the park. Afterwards, Daddy and I ran some errands and grabbed an icecream treat! Finally, we all met up at home and I helped Dad bread and cook up the our fish and we made a great dinner together! Today is Mother's Day! Yay for Mom! I woke her up with hugs, kisses and a monkey card! We had yummy salmon omlete for breakfast with a strawberry smoothie. After hanging out at home we went out and found a new, bigger tent! I "claimed" it by breakdancing in its spacious interior. Then we went and helped Mommy choose some new shades. Although I enjoyed shopping, I was getting a little hungry so we stopped and had an exceptional lebanese lunch at Nicholas' on Grand. They had great peach juice, kebobs and check it out... the biggest, most fresh and delish pita ever! However the best of all, we headed to Linda, Matt and Andy's house to celebrate Andy's first Birthday! Happy Birthday amigo!
We had a great afternoon playing with his toys and eating birthday cake! It has been a while since we had spent time with them, so it was extra special to spend the afternoon together. Well, it has been nice to enjoy loads of outside time the past few days, I hope it lasts.... rain keeps sneaking back in as soon as we let our guard down.

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