Monday, May 25, 2009

Running, splashing, celebrating!

Man I love summer, lots of time outside, with our friends, running running running around.... oh with some ice cream thrown in there too! Swim lessons continue, and I am doing extra super well. In fact, I fancy that I can start swimming on my own and try every time we're supposed to be at the wall practicing our kicks. Luckily, the water is only about chest deep, but I am getting the idea. I love swim lessons... disco dancing and all! Friday, we headed to Sophia's for art and had a fine time painting with our feet... though the water was a bit much for the paper, we had a great time looking at all of the colors we could paint ourselves. We ended our afternoon with a trip to Tart, the ice cream joint on Division, where we met up with Joaquin and his family and friends. Joaquin and I wore complementary shirts and enjoyed a great Ice cream and quick walk around. Saturday, we headed over to the farmer's market
and an afternoon of running errands and filling up our front-yard garden box with compost from our bin out back... thus combining two of my favorite gardening activities... digging and finding worms! I am an expert! We ended our lazy Saturday with a nice cookout with Linda, Matt and Andy... salad from our farm (Abundant Harvest has started up again! Yay) and lamb kebobs and horsing around on the grass. Sunday was Benjamin's birthday! He is 2 and awesome. He had us over for a lovely party including some delicious cake and painting! We were all great artists and ended up with quite the gallery of beautiful paintings. Our work is very serious. After Benjamin's party, we headed over to the Rhododendron garden and enjoyed the end of the Rhody season. It was a lovely afternoon, flowers were still out and beautiful and the ducks and geese were rounding up for some feed! Such a great day for running all around and having a lovely time. In fact I spend much of my time these days doing doughnuts with my backhoe. I'm really really good at circles! It was a perfect day. I went to bed early, the folks assumed it was because I had been so busy, but turns out I wasn't feeling too well (as evidenced by two changes of sheets later that evening). However this morning I turned up roses, and am feeling great! In fact, Dad and I ended up at Smith and Bybee lake to do some kayaking and fishing, I saw an eagle, osprey, and carp! I had a great time, and ate and drank well. Dad and I went on a play-dough hunt and after running all around found some at the drug store next door. We finished as we nearly began this fun weekend with more ice cream at with Joaquin, Val and Ray. What a wonderful weekend. I hope you have all enjoyed a long weekend and taken an opportunity to remember those who have served our country so proudly and so well; thank you.

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