Sunday, May 17, 2009

"The whole day was full of fun!"

That's how I described Saturday, but really I've been having loads of fun all weekend long! Swim lessons have started up again and I'm doing great!! I have learned a new dance and really love jumping into the "circle that is like a hula hoop" ... in other words a hula hoop. Friday we had art again at Sophia's house... really what we did was a little bit of sidewalk chalk drawing but lots of running up and down the street, it was a blast (though Mom didn't bring a camera). Just as soon as I went to bed my friends Ben, Melissa, Gabe and Gavin came into town. We had a super fun Saturday morning playing, making puzzles (the guys are really good at puzzles, I picked up a few tricks from them), and running about the yard. After Mom and Melissa came back from picking up treats from the Farmer's Market, we headed over to the big weekend highlight. DOZER DAYS!!!!! So exciting! And you guessed it... we all drove BACKHOES!

We did super great... it was a hot and crowded day, but it was so worth it for the big trucks and yummy strawberry lemonade that was just the thing for a hot day. We saw cement mixers, cranes, dozers, everything! When you get up close to those trucks, they are HUGE! Although there are tons of great vehicles to play on and in, we also had a great time in the many sand pits and running through tunnels. By the end of the day we were all beat! We rode an articulated hauler out of the quarry and we said farewell to our friends. I napped a bit on the way home, but woke up happy and told Mom how much fun I had. Today was a little more mellow, Mom and I hung out in the morning, went on a walk, played in the newly dug basement for a new house on the street with Sophia and Harmony. When Dad got home, we headed back to Canby pond and tried for some more fish... unsuccessfully this time, but that left for tons of play time. The jungle gym was fun, but I really loved climbing the trees. We finished up with an icecream treat at A&W... they had cool spinning chairs and super delish ice cream sundaes.
A sweet end to an awesome weekend!

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