Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beach Boys

Happy Father's Day! My Dad rocks, and to celebrate the fact that he is the best Daddy I could ever hope for, we spent the weekend together at the coast... camping... hiking... eating! We had a great weekend at Cape Disappointment, WA. Don't let the name fool you, it was a beautiful spot! Perfectly sheltered with some great trees around, including this great climbing / singing tree that Joaquin and I both spent plenty of time in. Joaquin is an expert singer, and would sit on this branch and seranade us regularly. Oh, and did I mention Beach access... that's "our" beach view from the lighthouse, but really it was just steps away. We enjoyed the weekend with Joaquin, Ray, Val and their (our :) friend Trisha! We left on Friday afternoon with Daddy to follow shortly behind. Mom and I set-up our new tent and met up with the rest of the gang. While we were waiting for him we went on an awesome hike in the Coastal Forest, I saw a ton of wildlife.. mostly slugs... lots and lots of slugs, in fact I was the group's expert slug hunter for the afternoon! Also saw some amazing plants other bugs and my first newt (a rough-skinned newt that I left with a wild cucumber). Our campsite is right next to the beach, which is amazing, and meant that I could just hike on out to the beautiful ocean whenever I could get someone to go with me, which equaled several times each day! It was beautiful, sandy and had loads of awesome big driftwood pieces.... more like a great jungle gym really. Ray, Trisha and Val made a yummy yummy Roti for dinner. Given the time of the year it stays late really late, which meant that Joaquin and I stayed up really super late as well! Well, the light and the sugar rush from the s'mores perhaps. I slept in a little bit the next morning... enough to miss our morning rain shower, but not too late for some cinnamon rolls! Joaquin and I got to play in the tent for a little bit. While everyone got ready for the day. After a leisurely morning ... waiting patiently...we headed out for some play time at the beach. Our first hike of the day was out to the discovery trail where we had a lovely walk that ended up on a beautiful ... and sunny ... beach! The pacific northwest has all sorts of lovely beaches, huge amazing trees, and greenery. We had a great time enjoying some blue sky and wide open sandy shores. We got back in time for a late lunch and a little nap (facilitated by a short car trip into the nearby town of Ilwaco). After nap, we grabbed a snack of the marshemellow crispy treats Grandma and I made, then we all went to Waikiki Beach. Again, prehaps a confusing name, no reefs or surf here, but still managed to get some folks at least knee deep into the icy water! After warming back up, I dug a deep deep hole and made a huge mountain with the help of Scooter, Mom and Joaquin (who had a longer tolerance for the chilly waves). After we got back, Joaquin and I made another quick trip to the beach to enjoy the sunset (and our logs). We made burritos for dinner that evening, and everyone slept super well that night. This morning we managed to squeeze in another trip to the beach and one more climb up our tree stump (I made sure Joaquin wouldn't fall off) and a hike out to the light house. Happy Father's Day! What a great day to spend with Daddy. Spent lunch time in Astoria at the Farmer's Market and then headed home, where I managed to sleep the whole way. Cleaned up this afternoon, talked a bit with uncle Ryan (Happy Birthday Uncle RY!) and still went to sleep early! I had a busy busy weekend, but sooo much fun, and all with my wonderful Dad! Happy father's day to all you Dad's out there!

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