Sunday, June 28, 2009


Berry blast and farm fun, pretty much sums up our weekend. Saturday, Mom and I headed to Sauvie Island Farms to do some awesome berry picking with Cat, Chris, Benjamin, Robyn and Alice... we had a great time. We filled up pretty well on blueberries before heading into some beautiful raspberries. It was a lovely sunny day, and we all came home with several pints of blueberries, raspberries and even a few cherries! By the time I woke up from nap Daddy was home with stories of all of the fish he caught and we played outside some, transplanted a zucchini from Robyn and just had a relaxing afternoon.
Sunday started much the way Saturday started... with a trip to a berry farm! We went to Rowell brothers this time with Val, Ray and Joaquin. We were much more focused on raspberries, and with the adult/kiddo ratio a bit better, we actually came home with a lot of berries. After taking a break (it was starting to get kinda hot out there) for some juice we headed over to Dos Sequoias farm for our CSA's farm party. It was beautiful under the Sequoias, and it was a yummy pot-luck. We had a great time feeding the goats, saying hi to elvis, the rooster, and exploring the fields. We headed home and after a quick nap (mostly in the car ride home), got our friends to come over and entertain me and help Mommy make raspberry jam! Yum! I got to help mash the berries, and Joaquin and I snacked on fresh berries all afternoon.

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