Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We hit the road this weekend and had a lovely vacation in Fresno! We left super early on Friday and had a smooth drive down to California, complete with the requisite visit to La Favorita... yum. I had to do some running around once we got in, so played Hide-n-seek with Grandpa for a little bit. I may not be the best hider ever (I tend to re-use the same spot over and over), but I could almost always find grandpa!

Saturday, we got up and headed out to Tulare to for a fun family reunion! We got to see Great-Grandma Mary, most of my Great-Aunties, Great-Uncles and Cousins! There was quite the crowd... we also got to visit with some more extended family... including Marguerite, Kristy, John, Patrick and his kids Lelia and Aiden (who were super on the water slide... much more bold than I was), Gregory, Cathy... and a few other family members! Scooter got loads of attention (bought partially by chicken, partially by love from Maryann), The kids played on the water slide... wait, Dad, Patrick and Grandpa also got on the waterslide too! In a show of enthuiam, Dad made a huge splash, and Grandpa got me on one of my few rides down the slide. It was such a treat to play and spend a perfect day with everyone. Overall, a lovely day with family, great food (well, of course :), sunshine and water! We did dearly miss Erin, Mike and the Cheu clan and are sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Uncle Dudley.
Sunday was a bit more mellow, I played outside a lot... in the dirt and with bubbles. Had a super time with bubbles. Grandma took Mom, Dad and me to see UP! in 3-d! We got to wear cool glasses and I was fascinated... though after the fact, if you asked me what the movie was about, I really only seemed to remember the short cartoon before hand. That evening we enjoyed a great brisket (cooked all day by Grandpa) with great company... Auntie Donna and Uncle John joined us for the evening.They brought me a very special dessert... pretty tasty! The cherry nose and cone were my favorite.

Monday was also pretty sweet. Started with a visit to Grandpa's office and got my teeth checked and "painted" with flouride (made 'em bumpy!). I was a good patient for Grandpa and got a toothbrush and sticker! We ran some errands in the morning and for lunch, I went with Grandma to celebrate Nancy's birthday at La Boulangerie (uh, my third trip to the bakery this weekend) with Nancy and Kris. Mom and Dad went to eat with Auntie Becky, Noah and Auntie Susan... Becky and Noah came by afterwards so we could all visit together. Mostly though, I headed out and played in the dirt while Noah tried so hard to nap. I did manage to snap this picture of Becky and Mom though. Mom and Dad headed out to see another movie while Grandma and I played in my tent and in my hedgehog hole (that I made with her giant pillows on her bed).

We headed home today, and had another smooth drive, thank goodness. I actually slept a lot! We took our big break in Ashland and honestly, every time we eat at Morning Glory Cafe (which is fantastic) we run the risk of loosing Scooter. Last time it was nearly to Bruce Campbell, this time to a trio of gals who spent a good 30 minutes doting on him. I got a "big hamburger" which was exactly what I ordered, the second the waitress sat us down! It was delish! I had a little bit of time at home to play in the yard and to enjoy our huge pea harvest that built up while we were away.

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