Sunday, June 07, 2009

Strawberries and swimming... who needs Sunshine?

I finished up another set of swim lessons this week. I am a penguin! I have to work on my gliding... my teacher suggested wiggling less... LESS? How am I supposed to get anywhere without wiggling like crazy? Friday was nice, another fun art day at Sophia and Aubry's house, lots of friends were there and we made some awesome caterpillars. It was kind-of a grey and misty day, so we didn't do too much after nap time, so it was really nice to spend dinner with Val and Joaquin. We played in our hedgehog hole (pillow fort), while Dad put together a nice curry and Val brought some berries with cream and cake!! yum. Saturday kept us busy... we joined some of my daycare friends at the zoo. I always love the zoo, but with some school friends it was extra fun. I, of course, got to to see my buddy the Giraffe and the baby elephant, as well as some awesome pigs. We went to Bob's Red Mill for lunch, one of my favorite places to eat pancakes! Afterwards we headed to a few closeby farmstands and grabbed some treats and fruit to get us going this weekend. I did a bit of reading on my own in the afternoon. It pays to be prepared (the book is "Baby on the Way").
Today was all about strawberries... yum! We got up this morning and headed to Kruger farms for some picking. We did a great job filling up a big flat of berries, then picked up even more on the way out. Once we got home, I helped Daddy clean up the back yard from his fence making (they're finished... Woo hooo... isn't it great?) while Mom started making some jam. When I needed a break outside, I came in to help her count berries. We still have a ton of strawberries and I can't wait to get my hands in some more jam. I already got an almond butter with warm jelly sandwich. We had a nice dinner of salad and a yummy kebob off the grill. In spite of the cooling weather and June gloom, it definitely tastes like summer :)

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