Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fish, Fireflies and Family Fun!

We headed to NY this week. Had a long red-eye on the way in, which meant that I didn't sleep until early early in the morning, and completely wore Mom and Dad out... but in the end it was all worth it to spend a great week with Grandma and Grandpa Steves. They greeted us at the airport and we started out great with a lunch that for me included chicken fingers... yum! We headed to Wolcott and had a lovely afternoon, including a pretty darned good nap and some running around time and berry picking in the yard. Wednesday, Grandpa Steves took Mom, Dad and Me out for a spin in his boat and some fishing! I scored the most pan fish that day and had a super great time. I did super well and stayed out all morning... then played with Mom and Grandma in the afternoon. After our yummy fish fry and crashing pretty well that night, Dad woke me up and we snuck outside to peek at some lightening bugs... they were so cool. That first night I was a little scared of them, but was excited for the rest of the week to go catch and see lightening bugs in the trees and grass. Thursday was Mom's birthday... we made an attempt to head to Canindaigua, but car trouble turned us around... so we celebrated with ice cream at Brooks. Had a nice dinner with some family friends Bill and Tracy, where we enjoyed Grandpa's Ribs and some yummy birthday Cake! I played with Dad's old wildlife information cards (and "made a mess" of the well organized cards). Went fishing again on Friday with just Dad and Grandpa. I didn't last quite as long, but still brought home a lot of fish. That afternoon we headed to Canindaigua again and had a lovely, drizzly afternoon. We walked around an Art and Music festival and found cousin Bonnie. Bonnie made me and baby sister awesome warm fleece blankets... I don't have a good picture of the awesome blanket, because I used it as a burrito wrapper or to turn into a rock and was burried, totally, underneath it for much of the week. Thank you Bonnie! That evening we headed to see Great-Uncle Rich, Great-Aunt Joann and Great-Grandma Steves! It was so nice to be able to visit for a little bit. Saturday, I hung out with Mom and Grandma in the morning and we had a lovely time checking out the Mennonite store and Fairhaven. We met up with the hard-core fishers, Dad and Grandpa Steves... and after lunch headed over to Aunt Tami and Uncle Eddie's house for a clambake and Uncle Eddie's fantastic Cornell Chicken. It was a beautiful afternoon of exploring their vast and incredible garden and enjoying their hammock. I also played with the wildlife (frogs, slugs, and garden snakes), and had a fantastic dinner! I wasn't a huge clam fan (I do not speak for the rest of the family that managed to put away dozens and dozens of clams for a snack). We had a really nice time and a great way to round-out our visit. Headed home a little late that night, but I got a great night's sleep and headed back to the airport early on Sunday morning. We had a smooth ride home, well, except when I really just had to kick the seat in front of me. Picked up Scooter and visited a bit with Joaquin and his family (his grandfolks are in town). A little later Melissa Miner stopped by for a nice surprise visit and brought us some rhubarb plants. A nice afternoon decompressing from a week of travel. We had a lovely time and really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Steves!

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