Friday, July 03, 2009

Long weekend

Our long weekend began with difficult news. Great-Uncle Dudley died after struggling with pancreatitis for several weeks. We are grateful that we have known and loved him, his generosity and enthusiasm for life is reflected in his influence on us and on his family.

After a day in the sunshine, with some time playing outside, canning cherries with Mom and Dad, and running some errands, we headed over to visit with Andy, Linda and Matt. They had us over for a lovely cookout. I love playing with Andy, we had a great time together. It's bonafide summertime around here and is HOT!

Saturday was also loads of fun, I spent the morning with the folks... we headed over to the farmer's market in the morning after a breakfast of waffles. It was a beautiful morning with yummy berries everywhere, plus a treat from two tarts. My favorite was running around the grass, as you can imagine.

Afterwards, we headed home, and I got a good nap in. When I woke up we went to Joaquin and Val's for a dip in their pool, so much fun, we ended up running and jumping with glee into the pool! Our big fourth of July celebration was over at Dan, Robyn and Alice's house. We had a lovely evening full of playing with my pals, yummy food and fireworks.

On Sunday Mommy left for Bodega Bay to catch some green crabs. I'm not sure why, but dad keeps telling me that "no we can't eat the green crabs. Dad made a rookie mistake this morning and forgot the battery to the camera when we went to Woodstock Park. We walked quite a bit and even went all the way to Otto's for a hot dog. After a nice long nap, we walked to another park, Creston Park, and met Joaquin and Val. Turns out this other park has an outdoor pool which was nice and warm. I'm hoping we get to go here more often so I can put all those swimming lessons from this winter to good use.

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