Sunday, August 30, 2009

Invaders... of the best kind!

Pshew, it's been a whirlwind week, driven mostly by the Marine Bioinvasions conference being hosted by Mommy and Daddy's work. What it meant to me was lots of visitors and friends in town and lots of fun in the evenings. David came into town on Sunday evening, and Grandma and Grandpa took off Monday morning! I was sad to see them go, and have been spending this week working out what it means to be a grandson... are you my grandson? It was so much fun visiting with David! I think he and Dad got in some good male bonding time (aka... sipping scotch, trying nice beers), David and I also had a great time horsing around, it was so great to spend so much time with him this week, we all thoroughly enjoyed his visit. Monday evening we had a great dinner with Matt, Caden and Cascade who were also in town for the meeting. Some great grilled food, and I actually ate most things pretty well. I love catching-up with Caden! Tuesday was a reception at the Portland Chinese Garden, which was beautiful! Loads of my buddies from around here were there... Joaquin was back from vacation, Alice and Benjamin... we all had a great time eating the yummy food and running through the pretty garden. I got to meet Mom and Dad's friends Jeff and Lynn, and the folks got to catch up with lots of buddies. Wednesday evening we spent at PSU for the poster session and some good time drawing with sidewalk chalk and obsessing over the chocolate covered strawberries (who wouldn't?). Thurs evening Lynn and Whitman came for a visit... they picked me up early along with daddy and we got to spend the afternoon at the gorge and hiking a bit around Multnomah falls. I had a blast, and loved seeing the waterfall! Friday things finally quieted down a little bit as I got to spend some quality time with Mommy... though maybe with all of the activity this week, my behavior was a bit touch and go... We stopped by the zoo, but couldn't find parking... Daddy checked on the deal for us and turns out we got a new Lion at the zoo! We didn't brave the crowds, but will check it out next week. We went out for tasty snacks at Kens, but I had two melt-downs and we headed home for a good long nap.. it was Daddy's birthday so Mommy and I made a version of his favorite cake (with pears instead of apples)... it was pretty yummy and was fun to celebrate with Dad! Happy Birthday Super Daddy!!! Saturday we enjoyed some Dim Sum with Tim, Robyn and Alice at Wongs King... mostly I ate Jin Dui, but everyone else enjoyed a huge assortment of great grub. We spent the rest of the afternoon looking for some new shoes for Daddy and running a few errands. I really wanted this new hat (stack), but ended up with these cool shades... the hot pink was v. important. The afternoon was enjoyed at home relaxing and recovering from a busy week. Today, Daddy went fishing and Mommy and I played around town. We headed to Kruger's farm for some pickling cucumbers for Daddy (and loads of fruit for us!), then picked up a fig tree (thanks for the inspiration Val!) and I got a haircut. I was so great all day with Mommy, she was so impressed. We napped, colored and used my new scissors in the afternoon... all in all a super fun, though busy week! So nice to see everyone and enjoy great summer days and nights in portland.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom out for a visit!

We had a wonderful weekend, largely fueled by a visit from Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom! So exciting to have them here for a few days. They helped us get ready for baby sister by cleaning up all our baby gear and we also had a lot of play time as well! Friday, while Daddy was at work we cleaned house, and Grandpa tackled our fireplace... he's helping Mom feel better about the dated appearance by evening things out with some paint. So much better! Thanks Grandpa! Grandma and I baked a cake in the afternoon... a hedgehog cake for Daddy's birthday (it's next week, but we are getting it together while the grandfolks are here so we can celebrate together!). I love pretending to be a hedgehog, and was particularly excited about it! Plus we got to decorate it with candies, mmmm candies, I could hardly contain myself. That evening we met up with Uncle John and Steve the Tomato King at Country Cat. They were in town for a meeting this weekend. I had some delish fried Chicken and I think everyone enjoyed their meal, most of the plates were squeeky clean by the end of the evening, and I was extremely well behaved for the most part. It was wonderful, as always, to visit with them. Saturday, we had a leisurely morning then headed out to Mt Tabor for the soapbox derby. Alas I didn't get any great pics of the cars that zipped down the big hill, but I had a nice afternoon and a picnic lunch. The absolute disaster (according to me, everyone else was pretty amused) was the loss of our watermelon. Mom was hoping to avoid a mess by pre-cutting the fruit, so brought the whole shebang. When she finally got it out to cut up, she turned her back for a second and it rolled down down down the very steep hill we were perched on. Luckily it hit nobody though was a close call for a toddler at the very base of the hill before it finally busted into too many pieces to rescue. I was inconsolable for quite a while afterward. However, things got better after we met up with Andy, Linda, Matt and their dog Mika. I always like hanging out with those guys. We had an easy afternoon, full of naps and playing outside. For dinner we celebrated Daddy's birthday with a great lamb bbq and potatoes dug up from our front yard... and the hedgehog cake! In addition to some new clothes, I wrapped my legs up in some wrapping paper and Daddy got an awesome pair of legs for his birthday as well! Today, we spent some time downtown, enjoying a great brunch at Byways in the Pearl. Had a lovely morning walking all around and exploring the shops. This afternoon, the grown-ups took turns running errands, while I had a great nap and some quality play-time with Grandpa Tom. I also finally figured out how to eat Pizza... I'm great at it! Didn't even have to have the folks cut it into tiny pieces for me. I'm having an awfully tough time getting to sleep tonight, my good friend David is in town, but I'm supposed to wait until tomorrow to play much with him. Plus Mom says he's here for a "work trip" which is why James, Lilli and Randall aren't here too. I donno... sounds suspicious to me. Grandma and Grandpa take off tomorrow morning, I had such a great time playing with them, we love their visits!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

200th Post

Another week, another visitor. My buddy Jim was in town again this week for a meeting. On Friday he went out with Dad to do some salmon fishing. Dad caught a small wild coho salmon that he had to released. Too bad, I really like eating salmon. Maybe next time.

Like my potatoes? We dug them out of the planter in front of the house. It's odd, this spring we planted a couple big old potatoes out there and now we have lots of little ones. We even have them in different colors: white, red, and purple.

On Saturday we went into downtown Portland. We started with our usual stop at the Farmer's Market at Portland State. I got a strawberry popsicle...

and Mommy got some nice Dahlias.

The fountain outside Mommy's office was running so I played in it a bit before we went on a bit of a walk.

We tried to walk down to the Saturday Market where you can buy various arts and crafts, but we didn't quite make it before we had to go home. I did manage to check out a cool bronze beaver in Pioneer Square.

I remembered that Mommy brought me a kite back from Bodega last month. So today we went to the park to fly it. Evidently you need a bit of wind to get a kite to fly properly. Although if you run fast enough it will fly for a little bit.
After the kite flying (or should I say fly running), Dad and I played for a while on the play ground. I've been to Creston Park a lot, but I still think it's a lot of fun.
Mom left the park early with the car so Dad and I had to walk home.

Dad and I were a bit hungry as we walked home and I somehow managed to sweat talk him into getting me a treat. I was a bit confused because we had talked a bit about maybe getting a chicken taco at the Mexican Restaurant and then we didn't and kept walking. So when we went into the ice cream shop next door and I was asked what flavor ice cream I wanted, I said "chicken burrito" which got a big laugh out of the ice cream guy. I guess that isn't one of their 31 flavors.

Speaking of treats, we went to the Hawthorne Street Fair today to meet up with Linda, Matt and little Andy. While we were walking around, Mommy stopped and ordered some waffles from the semi-famous "Waffle Window". Yummy!

Finally, after a lot of walking past vendors and some crazy band of ten foot tall musician/clowns (Dad says they were stilt walkers) we met up with the Boyds. I had a lot of fun with Andy while our parents caught up with their chit-chat.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Crafts and Peaches

Friday started like most Fridays with a trip to Harmony and Sophia's for arts and crafts. This time we worked on making pockets out of paper plates and googly eyes. It's perfect for when you need a place to put stuff and you really like googly eyes.

Mommy also finished her big craft project, a new quilt for my new baby sister when she finally comes. It's really pretty and I hope she likes it as much as I do.

While Mommy had the camera out to take pictures of the quilt I decided that I needed to have her take some artful photos of my more dramatic side. Here I am expressing deep despair because I've been attacked my by stuffed lion.

I had so much fun I made sure text my friends about it right away. Just kidding, I was actually trying to call Grandma and Grandpa. So many buttons, if only I could figure out the right combination.

After what seems like a month of really hot temperatures, we finally had a bit of a cool spell. To celebrate, we had dinner of fish and chips out on the back deck.

On Saturday we woke up early to pick peaches. The trees had plenty of low branches for me to pick from.

Peach picking is so much faster than berry picking. Before you know it you have so many peaches. Because we finished so early we decided to head over to the berry farm again and pick some black berries. We almost missed black berry season, but we worked really hard and managed a couple buckets of marionberries. Enough for a couple batches of jam.

We barely got back home when we turned around and went to Sellwood park to have a picnic with my friends from school. It was really nice to see everybody and their parents as we played on the playground.

Sometimes I just like to hang out by myself.

My friend Zooey from school is exactly my size. We were perfectly matched on the see-saw.sp

That afternoon and eventing Mommy and Daddy (mostly Mommy) spent in the kitchen making berry and peach jam. Mmmm, jam.

As for Sunday, it was much more laid back. Daddy took off early in the morning to try and catch a salmon while Mommy and I hung out and made a peach pie with the peaches we picked on Saturday. Daddy took the camera fishing so no pictures from Sunday. While we waited for Daddy to come home we had dinner with Cat, Chris and Benjamin and shared our pie with them.