Sunday, August 16, 2009

200th Post

Another week, another visitor. My buddy Jim was in town again this week for a meeting. On Friday he went out with Dad to do some salmon fishing. Dad caught a small wild coho salmon that he had to released. Too bad, I really like eating salmon. Maybe next time.

Like my potatoes? We dug them out of the planter in front of the house. It's odd, this spring we planted a couple big old potatoes out there and now we have lots of little ones. We even have them in different colors: white, red, and purple.

On Saturday we went into downtown Portland. We started with our usual stop at the Farmer's Market at Portland State. I got a strawberry popsicle...

and Mommy got some nice Dahlias.

The fountain outside Mommy's office was running so I played in it a bit before we went on a bit of a walk.

We tried to walk down to the Saturday Market where you can buy various arts and crafts, but we didn't quite make it before we had to go home. I did manage to check out a cool bronze beaver in Pioneer Square.

I remembered that Mommy brought me a kite back from Bodega last month. So today we went to the park to fly it. Evidently you need a bit of wind to get a kite to fly properly. Although if you run fast enough it will fly for a little bit.
After the kite flying (or should I say fly running), Dad and I played for a while on the play ground. I've been to Creston Park a lot, but I still think it's a lot of fun.
Mom left the park early with the car so Dad and I had to walk home.

Dad and I were a bit hungry as we walked home and I somehow managed to sweat talk him into getting me a treat. I was a bit confused because we had talked a bit about maybe getting a chicken taco at the Mexican Restaurant and then we didn't and kept walking. So when we went into the ice cream shop next door and I was asked what flavor ice cream I wanted, I said "chicken burrito" which got a big laugh out of the ice cream guy. I guess that isn't one of their 31 flavors.

Speaking of treats, we went to the Hawthorne Street Fair today to meet up with Linda, Matt and little Andy. While we were walking around, Mommy stopped and ordered some waffles from the semi-famous "Waffle Window". Yummy!

Finally, after a lot of walking past vendors and some crazy band of ten foot tall musician/clowns (Dad says they were stilt walkers) we met up with the Boyds. I had a lot of fun with Andy while our parents caught up with their chit-chat.

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