Monday, August 03, 2009

Blueberries for Owen!

What a friend-filled week! While Daddy was away in upstate NY visiting
Grandma and Grandpa Steves again and out for a meeting, Mom and I braved a substantial heatwave here in Portland. We are grateful that we actually have AC, which is more than can be said for many of our hot neighbors. We also got to enjoy a great evening with Val, Joaquin and Trisha enjoying some delish pasta, their well-shaded kiddy pool and ice cream! It was perfect to get out of the house for a bit and to spend time with our pals. Daddy came home Thursday YAY! Three hours earlier than expected (forgot about the time change). Friday, our art group took the show on the road and spent the morning at Creston Park where they have a wading pool. It had been a few weeks since I've made it to the park and I had never been while the wading pool was open so had a great time. Saturday, to beat the heat we headed out first thing in the morning for some blueberry picking.... yum! We went with Ray, Val and Joaquin and met up with Cat, Chris and Benjamin for a little bit too. The berry bushes were just crazy heavy with fruit and the berries were so yummy! We came home with nearly 20lbs of blueberries! We'll be enjoying these in muffins and pancakes all year long! This was super easy picking and although picking is not quite as fun as eating, or playing for me, I had a great time. After a good nap that afternoon, we got to meet up with even more friends! Andrea, Dan, Ethan and Sierra came up for a visit. It was such a treat to visit with them and to have some awesome playmates for the weekend. We had a great time together and got along so very well. We had a nice dinner of some kebobs and, my favorite, pita and hummus. The next morning, after a leisurely breakfast of ... you guessed it, blueberry mufins and some play time out back in Daddy's kayaks, we headed to Jameson park for some awesome time in the fountain. There was loads of splashing and Ethan and Sierra brought some fun beach toys. We headed home for lunch and naps. That afternoon we rode bikes in the front-yard, played with the dog and enjoyed some (blueberry) popsicles. We rounded up our fun day with dinner at Laughing Planet. We sent the Lambert clan off to the woods again to continue their camping adventure this morning. I got one more treat this evening and got to see Great-Auntie Geralyne, Great-Uncle Mark and their cousins Jane and Dave. We spent some time with them at our house then enjoyed a great dinner at Laurelhurst public house. So much fun. Such a wonderful weekend.We also want to send our heartfelt birthday wishes out to Randall! Miss you so much!

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