Sunday, August 09, 2009

Crafts and Peaches

Friday started like most Fridays with a trip to Harmony and Sophia's for arts and crafts. This time we worked on making pockets out of paper plates and googly eyes. It's perfect for when you need a place to put stuff and you really like googly eyes.

Mommy also finished her big craft project, a new quilt for my new baby sister when she finally comes. It's really pretty and I hope she likes it as much as I do.

While Mommy had the camera out to take pictures of the quilt I decided that I needed to have her take some artful photos of my more dramatic side. Here I am expressing deep despair because I've been attacked my by stuffed lion.

I had so much fun I made sure text my friends about it right away. Just kidding, I was actually trying to call Grandma and Grandpa. So many buttons, if only I could figure out the right combination.

After what seems like a month of really hot temperatures, we finally had a bit of a cool spell. To celebrate, we had dinner of fish and chips out on the back deck.

On Saturday we woke up early to pick peaches. The trees had plenty of low branches for me to pick from.

Peach picking is so much faster than berry picking. Before you know it you have so many peaches. Because we finished so early we decided to head over to the berry farm again and pick some black berries. We almost missed black berry season, but we worked really hard and managed a couple buckets of marionberries. Enough for a couple batches of jam.

We barely got back home when we turned around and went to Sellwood park to have a picnic with my friends from school. It was really nice to see everybody and their parents as we played on the playground.

Sometimes I just like to hang out by myself.

My friend Zooey from school is exactly my size. We were perfectly matched on the see-saw.sp

That afternoon and eventing Mommy and Daddy (mostly Mommy) spent in the kitchen making berry and peach jam. Mmmm, jam.

As for Sunday, it was much more laid back. Daddy took off early in the morning to try and catch a salmon while Mommy and I hung out and made a peach pie with the peaches we picked on Saturday. Daddy took the camera fishing so no pictures from Sunday. While we waited for Daddy to come home we had dinner with Cat, Chris and Benjamin and shared our pie with them.

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