Sunday, August 23, 2009

Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom out for a visit!

We had a wonderful weekend, largely fueled by a visit from Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom! So exciting to have them here for a few days. They helped us get ready for baby sister by cleaning up all our baby gear and we also had a lot of play time as well! Friday, while Daddy was at work we cleaned house, and Grandpa tackled our fireplace... he's helping Mom feel better about the dated appearance by evening things out with some paint. So much better! Thanks Grandpa! Grandma and I baked a cake in the afternoon... a hedgehog cake for Daddy's birthday (it's next week, but we are getting it together while the grandfolks are here so we can celebrate together!). I love pretending to be a hedgehog, and was particularly excited about it! Plus we got to decorate it with candies, mmmm candies, I could hardly contain myself. That evening we met up with Uncle John and Steve the Tomato King at Country Cat. They were in town for a meeting this weekend. I had some delish fried Chicken and I think everyone enjoyed their meal, most of the plates were squeeky clean by the end of the evening, and I was extremely well behaved for the most part. It was wonderful, as always, to visit with them. Saturday, we had a leisurely morning then headed out to Mt Tabor for the soapbox derby. Alas I didn't get any great pics of the cars that zipped down the big hill, but I had a nice afternoon and a picnic lunch. The absolute disaster (according to me, everyone else was pretty amused) was the loss of our watermelon. Mom was hoping to avoid a mess by pre-cutting the fruit, so brought the whole shebang. When she finally got it out to cut up, she turned her back for a second and it rolled down down down the very steep hill we were perched on. Luckily it hit nobody though was a close call for a toddler at the very base of the hill before it finally busted into too many pieces to rescue. I was inconsolable for quite a while afterward. However, things got better after we met up with Andy, Linda, Matt and their dog Mika. I always like hanging out with those guys. We had an easy afternoon, full of naps and playing outside. For dinner we celebrated Daddy's birthday with a great lamb bbq and potatoes dug up from our front yard... and the hedgehog cake! In addition to some new clothes, I wrapped my legs up in some wrapping paper and Daddy got an awesome pair of legs for his birthday as well! Today, we spent some time downtown, enjoying a great brunch at Byways in the Pearl. Had a lovely morning walking all around and exploring the shops. This afternoon, the grown-ups took turns running errands, while I had a great nap and some quality play-time with Grandpa Tom. I also finally figured out how to eat Pizza... I'm great at it! Didn't even have to have the folks cut it into tiny pieces for me. I'm having an awfully tough time getting to sleep tonight, my good friend David is in town, but I'm supposed to wait until tomorrow to play much with him. Plus Mom says he's here for a "work trip" which is why James, Lilli and Randall aren't here too. I donno... sounds suspicious to me. Grandma and Grandpa take off tomorrow morning, I had such a great time playing with them, we love their visits!

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