Sunday, August 30, 2009

Invaders... of the best kind!

Pshew, it's been a whirlwind week, driven mostly by the Marine Bioinvasions conference being hosted by Mommy and Daddy's work. What it meant to me was lots of visitors and friends in town and lots of fun in the evenings. David came into town on Sunday evening, and Grandma and Grandpa took off Monday morning! I was sad to see them go, and have been spending this week working out what it means to be a grandson... are you my grandson? It was so much fun visiting with David! I think he and Dad got in some good male bonding time (aka... sipping scotch, trying nice beers), David and I also had a great time horsing around, it was so great to spend so much time with him this week, we all thoroughly enjoyed his visit. Monday evening we had a great dinner with Matt, Caden and Cascade who were also in town for the meeting. Some great grilled food, and I actually ate most things pretty well. I love catching-up with Caden! Tuesday was a reception at the Portland Chinese Garden, which was beautiful! Loads of my buddies from around here were there... Joaquin was back from vacation, Alice and Benjamin... we all had a great time eating the yummy food and running through the pretty garden. I got to meet Mom and Dad's friends Jeff and Lynn, and the folks got to catch up with lots of buddies. Wednesday evening we spent at PSU for the poster session and some good time drawing with sidewalk chalk and obsessing over the chocolate covered strawberries (who wouldn't?). Thurs evening Lynn and Whitman came for a visit... they picked me up early along with daddy and we got to spend the afternoon at the gorge and hiking a bit around Multnomah falls. I had a blast, and loved seeing the waterfall! Friday things finally quieted down a little bit as I got to spend some quality time with Mommy... though maybe with all of the activity this week, my behavior was a bit touch and go... We stopped by the zoo, but couldn't find parking... Daddy checked on the deal for us and turns out we got a new Lion at the zoo! We didn't brave the crowds, but will check it out next week. We went out for tasty snacks at Kens, but I had two melt-downs and we headed home for a good long nap.. it was Daddy's birthday so Mommy and I made a version of his favorite cake (with pears instead of apples)... it was pretty yummy and was fun to celebrate with Dad! Happy Birthday Super Daddy!!! Saturday we enjoyed some Dim Sum with Tim, Robyn and Alice at Wongs King... mostly I ate Jin Dui, but everyone else enjoyed a huge assortment of great grub. We spent the rest of the afternoon looking for some new shoes for Daddy and running a few errands. I really wanted this new hat (stack), but ended up with these cool shades... the hot pink was v. important. The afternoon was enjoyed at home relaxing and recovering from a busy week. Today, Daddy went fishing and Mommy and I played around town. We headed to Kruger's farm for some pickling cucumbers for Daddy (and loads of fruit for us!), then picked up a fig tree (thanks for the inspiration Val!) and I got a haircut. I was so great all day with Mommy, she was so impressed. We napped, colored and used my new scissors in the afternoon... all in all a super fun, though busy week! So nice to see everyone and enjoy great summer days and nights in portland.

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