Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hanging out with my pals!

We're still getting sporatic veggies from our garden.... including this awesome zucchini! This Wednesday, Daddy, Alice and I got to stay up late and play at Alice's house while the Moms (Robyn, Val and Mommy) went out for a gals night at Cartopia. They had their fill of fried pies and french fries while we played in the playhouse and had a great evening! I love spending time with Alice. We actually ran into them again for a little bit on Friday at the park too! Daddy got our solatube installed and it is fantastic! He had to cut a hole in the roof, which was a bit stressful, but in the end we love it... it improves the living room a ton. On the nesting front... we (Daddy) also cleaned out the garage this weekend! Talk about an improvement, we're getting ready for hunkering down for some quality new sister time and fall. Friday and Saturday were largely dedicated to running errands and taking care of things around the house. Sunday we actually had some fun planned and had blueberry scones for breakfast with Val and Joaquin! I ate a two! We then headed out for a morning of play at the park. We had a great time running in circles (a lot) and playing on all of the play structures. You would think that I would have crashed for a great nap afterwards, but was too hyped up on fun and scones. Oh well. Instead, Daddy and I made some zucchini bread... with "chocolick" chips Sooo yummy! After some more time cleaning the garage, we had a little t-ball time in the back yard. All in all, a busy and great day! We're waiting patiently for little-sister to make her appearance. We'll let you know!

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