Sunday, September 13, 2009

A quiet week

Well, summer seems to be back for a little encore... which we were all thankful for. We've been taking care of stuff around the house (carpet cleaning, new water heater...) and hanging around home! Dad and I did get out fishing over Labor Day... well, really just playing with the bait and kayaking around Smith and Bybee lake. It was pretty cool, lots of birds and a beaver dam and den, just too many weeds for fishing.This weekend the folks and I went to the Home and Garden show... where there was also a big group from the humane society so I go to spend a lot of time with tons of cute little kitties (I'm bound to be a cat person... I love little kittens) and a few puppies. I had a great morning then when I woke up from nap, had a fever. Dad stayed home with me while Mom went to help Val celebrate finishing her PhD... Congratulations Val! I would have typically been extremely excited to spend the afternoon with Val and family, but I was feeling pretty low, so just stayed and watched a movie with Daddy. Luckily, this morning I was right as rain again. Just to play it safe, we had a low-key day. Mom tried to get some work done, while Dad and I ran errands at all of the electronics stores in the areas. Though apparently Frys is not where you get french fries... I was a little confused, so Dad picked some up for me afterward. The afternoon was just spent puttering around the yard and picking two more pumpkins as well as digging up the last of our potatoes. I also helped Dad put our garage back together... its getting there.
Just thought a simple week would be a good time to document what I'm up to these days. I like hedgehogs, pirates and kittens and often pretend to be each in turn. I am really good on my bike these days and love to peddle up and down the sidewalk. I try to drag a total of three (or four) blankies around the house... Big blue, little blue, yellow and green... along with my stuffed lion, bear-bear, orca, and bunny. I grab them all to throw in Mom and Dad's bed first thing in the morning when I want to crawl in and cuddle before we have to get up. I'm increasingly helpful around the house and will sometimes help get the napkins out for dinner or help Mommy make my bed. I love to help in the kitchen, garage and garden... digging is the best of course. I love to talk with baby sister in Mommys belly and am facinated that she stands on her head all day long. Favorite foods? Other than sweets, who knows... but am not all that fond of tomatoes... just like my Uncle Ry. Speaking of whom... Congratulations on the new house Uncle Ry!

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