Sunday, September 06, 2009

settling back in

After a few weeks of tons of fun visitors, we're settling down a bit and just enjoying the last tidbits of summer and appreciating fall as it comes and goes around here and getting things in order for baby sister's arrival. My pumpkins are getting ready to pick... actually most (three of the four) look perfect, so Mom finally let me pick one. I was so excited to enjoy it in a curry (well, except for actually cutting it up, that was a little sad)... isn't it a cutie :)

We had a good week of sunshine and a weekend of rain... serious rain. However, we didn't let that deter us too much. Saturday Daddy and I made a huge batch of my favorite pancakes, I was so helpful and ate at least five! It was pouring all morning and I was a little bit tired from staying up way too late the night before, so spent most of the day just hanging around home.
That evening we headed up to the zoo to see "Oregon! Oregon!" a sequicentennial play bracketed by two little concerts, one was teh 234 army band and (mom's favorite) Pink Martini!
It was thankfully not raining (after serious downpours all morning), and we enjoyed a picnic dinner with good friends. We almost lasted through the whole thing, but I had a little accident and we had to leave a bit early... however it was lots of fun (in spite of the impaired view... we could see all of the actors only from the neck down), funny songs and a gigantic beaver.
Mostly I was thrilled to hang out with my friends Joaquin, Val, Ray and Li Fong... it seems like it had been a long long time since we spent lots of quality time with them, so that was great.

Today we headed to Hood River. It was a pretty, though sprinkly day and a beautiful drive.
Had a great lunch of BBQ once we got there, and Mom and Dad topped it off with a yummy peach cobbler, which I refused... until it was all gone, then really wanted some. Mostly I was distracted with all of the weird bugs roaming a nearby log. We then headed over to Rasmussen Farms and picked up a load of apples and Daddy braved a horizontal rainstorm to pick us some pretty roma tomatoes.
He had the camera, otherwise, Mom, who was standing in disbelief inside watching him get whipped around by the wind and the rain as he hauled inside 23lbs of tomatoes would have snapped some shots. We picked our apples up inside.
This afternoon was spent putting up some apples for pies... I was super helpful with the apple-peeler-corer-slicer and canning the tomatoes up.

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