Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alpacas and Pumpkins and Caterpillars, oh my!

Hey look Grace is awake!

Oh wait she's asleep again.

I'm really excited about Halloween this year.  I guess I've always enjoyed, but for some reason this year is more exciting.   I've been having a hard time trying to figure out what to be.  Maybe a dragon again, or a fire fighter. How about a pirate?  Only one more week until Halloween, I better figure it out soon.

On Thursday we all went up to Hood River to get some apples and see the fall colors.  Dad packed a really nice box of Spitzenbergs and I boxed myself up with a few bags of other apples.

Mom, Dad and Grece posed for a photo.  I managed to run out of the shot just in time before the timer went off.  No worries, I'm in a lot of the other photos.

We saw alpacas at an alpaca farm.  They're like cuddly little camels and I want one, but Mom and Dad won't let me have one.

We also saw some goats, played on straw bales and got some apple cider.

On Friday we went over to Joaquin's family's house to carve our jack-o-lanterns for Halloween.  Our buddy Alice joined us and we helped our parents with the pumpkins.  Mostly we scooped out the seeds and the parents did the cutting.

At some point I really got into scooping out the seeds and had to take my shirt off.

On Saturday we went to a big Halloween party at Alice's house.  Did I mention I love Halloween?

Grace dressed up as the very hungry caterpillar.  Dad was all the stuff the caterpillar eats, Mom was a witch and I was a fireman.

Joaquinn was a cowboy and Alice was a flower.  Lot's of other kids came too.  One boy was a dragon and I spent a good portion of the evening chasing him down and trying to put out his fire.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Enjoying Autumn

Its definitely turning into fall around here... the leaves are all sorts of flaming colors, we've had a few storms pass through. Mom and Grace had a nice quiet time at home for most of the week.
On Wednesday we took Grace out to dinner after the power went out at home for a few hours in the afternoon and evening.
It was great, Mom finally got to enjoy some sushi again and I ate really well myself. Thursday, Daddy and I went fishing back to Henry Hagg lake. We had a really amazing evening.
After a stormy week, the weather was beautiful... and we caught a nice stringer of trout!
I even grabbed one from bite to landing it myself and helped Daddy reel in the rest.
Friday, Dad and I went swimming in the morning and had a great time.
In the afternoon, Daddy got his quality time with Grace
while Mommy and I ran errands and a cookie.
Can anyone have too many pumpkins this time of year? I don't think so!
We picked up a few more choice squash with Joaquin, Val and Ray.

I can't wait to carve these beauties.
We had great weather for pumpkin picking,
but the skies opened up for a deluge that started with an impressive clap of thunder just as we got to Oxbow park to see the salmon swimming up the Sandy river.
Anyhow, we reevaluated and headed to Bobs to get brunch. All in all a great day.
We took a more quiet Sunday, went to the park with Joaquin and Val, had a great walk and some fun time on the play equipment.
I also wanted to congratulate my buddy Ben and Auntie Di and Uncle Jeff on their new addition! Welcome Tyler! He is 1 1/2 weeks old already, we were holding out for a picture, and will share with their permission as soon as we see his cute little face ourselves :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trains, Grains, Pumpkins and Apples.

My little sister Grace is still sleeping all the time.  I really don't understand it because I hate going to bed.  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Dad went back to work and I went to day care.  However on Thursday we all went to the Zoo!  I was pretty excited to show Grace around the zoo.  I can you believe this was the first time she's ever been to a zoo.

To celebrate Grace's first visit to the zoo we even got to take the zoo train.  I really don't know why we don't take the train every time we go to the zoo.

On Friday we had breakfast at Bob's Red Mill again but this time we took a tour of the factory.  For a guy who really likes seeds, I was really impressed by how many different seeds you can actually eat.  Did you know that flour is just ground up wheat seeds?

On Saturday we went out to Sauvie Island to pick some pumpkins.  While we waited for little Andy and his parents Matt and Linda, we hopped on a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch.

This is my fourth year picking out pumpkins and let me tell you there is much to consider when choosing your pumpkin: shape, size, color, and stem.

A brought all potential candidates together for comparison.

and there where a lot of pumpkins to compare.

It's all very exhausting work and I had to lie down a bit.

Andy did pretty well picking out his pumpkin.

Grace however slept the whole time so I picked out a pumpkin for her.  Grandma and Grandpa Steves sent me some pumpkin money and I was instructed to get Grace a pumpkin too so that worked out just fine.

Just the right size.

I even got some change back in the end.

After the pumpkin patch, my buddy Alice and her parents Robyn and Dan came over and brought dinner for us.  We had pumpkin pasta and apple crisp and I got to show Alice all my toys and my new sister Grace.

On  Sunday the weather wasn't quite as nice and the wind picked up a bit.  This didn't deter us from checking out the Apple Tasting Festival at the Portland Nursery.  So many apples and pears to choose from, we picked up a few of a couple varieties including these little pears.

They even had a lot of kid's activities at the Apple Tasting Festival.  I had a dragon painted onto my cheek and got a cool ride in the wagon we borrowed from the nursery.

Way down in Florida it was my buddy James' birthday a few days ago.    Happy Birthday James!!

Monday, October 05, 2009


I'm two weeks old today... went to the Doctor for a check-up (and heel stick... eek!) and I have gained one pound and one inch( ... she was quite impressed) which puts me at:

8lbs 5.5 oz, 21 inches tall.

I'm sleeping a lot, 20-22 hrs a day so far, which may explain how I have managed to grow so well. We celebrated by going to Owen's first swim lesson of the season... he did great!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Family of four

It has been an adventure getting all settled in as a family of four!
Dad got to stay home all week, though I went to school for a few short days... just to stay in the groove and to give Grace some time alone with Mom and Dad. Mostly quiet days, trying to work in one good excursion per day, to avoid feeling shut-in. Earlier in the week Dad and I made spaghetti and meatballs, in honor of me learning the "on top of spaghetti" song, it was delish!
Grace still sleeps a ton,
but spends her awake time very alert and looking all around her with wide, rarely blinking eyes and a serene awe of everything around her.
I have been a doting big-brother and just gives my little sister as much love as she can handle. So far I am very understanding and gentle around her. We are getting a little fun in as well!
I have been playing with my leggos a ton
and we even went out to burgerville for some fries and treats one day!
Saturday, we got a new (to us) couch... actually it was Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom's old red couch, which is super comfy and ... huge, but we love it.
I helped unpack it and had a blast doing so. Later that day we headed to introduce Grace to the farmer's market.
It was a beautiful morning
and spent some time enjoying the morning outside with a cookie.
After an attempted nap, Daddy and I made some chocolate chip cookies... so yummy, now everything has a cookie on top (cereal with cookies, cookie lunch... the folks aren't exactly falling for it). A bit later that evening and after feeding Grace as much as she could handle, Mom and I headed to the Greek Festival for some yummy food and to meet up with Joaquin and Val. It was fun to get out (and eat... yep, more sweets for the day).
This morning we spent some more personalized time (fewer crowds) with Joaquin's family and headed over to his house for some good play time and yummy corn pudding for lunch.
It was great for the folks to catch-up and Joaquin and I had a great time playing. Grace had a great time cozying up with Val
and only woke up a little bit for a diaper change. Dad and I went fishing this afternoon after a nap (rare these days, unlike Grace!).
We caught four trout and brought home two! All in all a successful trip and a busy and fun weekend.
Grace is growing well, making diapers and eating well.
Dad starts back at work for short weeks over the next few months, so Mom and Grace will be finding their way together at home for a bit!