Sunday, October 18, 2009

Enjoying Autumn

Its definitely turning into fall around here... the leaves are all sorts of flaming colors, we've had a few storms pass through. Mom and Grace had a nice quiet time at home for most of the week.
On Wednesday we took Grace out to dinner after the power went out at home for a few hours in the afternoon and evening.
It was great, Mom finally got to enjoy some sushi again and I ate really well myself. Thursday, Daddy and I went fishing back to Henry Hagg lake. We had a really amazing evening.
After a stormy week, the weather was beautiful... and we caught a nice stringer of trout!
I even grabbed one from bite to landing it myself and helped Daddy reel in the rest.
Friday, Dad and I went swimming in the morning and had a great time.
In the afternoon, Daddy got his quality time with Grace
while Mommy and I ran errands and a cookie.
Can anyone have too many pumpkins this time of year? I don't think so!
We picked up a few more choice squash with Joaquin, Val and Ray.

I can't wait to carve these beauties.
We had great weather for pumpkin picking,
but the skies opened up for a deluge that started with an impressive clap of thunder just as we got to Oxbow park to see the salmon swimming up the Sandy river.
Anyhow, we reevaluated and headed to Bobs to get brunch. All in all a great day.
We took a more quiet Sunday, went to the park with Joaquin and Val, had a great walk and some fun time on the play equipment.
I also wanted to congratulate my buddy Ben and Auntie Di and Uncle Jeff on their new addition! Welcome Tyler! He is 1 1/2 weeks old already, we were holding out for a picture, and will share with their permission as soon as we see his cute little face ourselves :)

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