Sunday, October 04, 2009

Family of four

It has been an adventure getting all settled in as a family of four!
Dad got to stay home all week, though I went to school for a few short days... just to stay in the groove and to give Grace some time alone with Mom and Dad. Mostly quiet days, trying to work in one good excursion per day, to avoid feeling shut-in. Earlier in the week Dad and I made spaghetti and meatballs, in honor of me learning the "on top of spaghetti" song, it was delish!
Grace still sleeps a ton,
but spends her awake time very alert and looking all around her with wide, rarely blinking eyes and a serene awe of everything around her.
I have been a doting big-brother and just gives my little sister as much love as she can handle. So far I am very understanding and gentle around her. We are getting a little fun in as well!
I have been playing with my leggos a ton
and we even went out to burgerville for some fries and treats one day!
Saturday, we got a new (to us) couch... actually it was Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom's old red couch, which is super comfy and ... huge, but we love it.
I helped unpack it and had a blast doing so. Later that day we headed to introduce Grace to the farmer's market.
It was a beautiful morning
and spent some time enjoying the morning outside with a cookie.
After an attempted nap, Daddy and I made some chocolate chip cookies... so yummy, now everything has a cookie on top (cereal with cookies, cookie lunch... the folks aren't exactly falling for it). A bit later that evening and after feeding Grace as much as she could handle, Mom and I headed to the Greek Festival for some yummy food and to meet up with Joaquin and Val. It was fun to get out (and eat... yep, more sweets for the day).
This morning we spent some more personalized time (fewer crowds) with Joaquin's family and headed over to his house for some good play time and yummy corn pudding for lunch.
It was great for the folks to catch-up and Joaquin and I had a great time playing. Grace had a great time cozying up with Val
and only woke up a little bit for a diaper change. Dad and I went fishing this afternoon after a nap (rare these days, unlike Grace!).
We caught four trout and brought home two! All in all a successful trip and a busy and fun weekend.
Grace is growing well, making diapers and eating well.
Dad starts back at work for short weeks over the next few months, so Mom and Grace will be finding their way together at home for a bit!

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